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"The New Zealand Dream"

Katherine Schweit Goodreads


A haunting, yet simple tale of mortality, matched with the reality of a misguided devotion to short-lived victories. Shelia's book is a candidly refreshing look at how daily trials and misfortune can add up to a lifetime. The pain of others and misfortune surrounds here. Alcohol-fuelled violence and an obsession with the approval of men block her happiness. Her writing reminds us all to be true to ourselves and shun approval from others for approval's sake. Though filled with sadness, pain, and some death, the book's hidden hope is in the knowledge that the final book in her trilogy is yet to come; a chance for the family and happiness that seems to elude her in The New Zealand Dream, Growth and destruction.

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2021 Reviews

Very Interesting read!


I loved how the author married the emotions of her memoir with scenic details of New Zealand. On top of feeling the author's trials and tribulations, the picture she painted with words made me feel as if I had visited NZ firsthand. Very emotional and captivating book. 

Louise Arseneault

This is a story of perseverance, survival, trauma, and overcoming the odds. I was fully engrossed and immersed in her memoir. Her writing takes you to picturesque New Zealand, yet also shows you the grittier parts of town. She doesn't sugarcoat anything and presents her history like it is. Some parts of the story are shocking and your heart will hurt for her while cheering her on, hoping she'll heal and overcome. Ultimately, it's an uplifting story, about hope and resilience. I'd recommend this book. 



If you're ok with it, ill post it! 



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Thank you Pertrina

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