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    20 Ideas

    1. Approach book bloggers and ask for reviews, give them a copy of your book

    2. Collaborate with other authors in your genre and run a virtual book tour.

    3. Run a contest, must like author page, and share, comment with their email to enter.

    The prize can be 3 chapters of your book or a PDF, the first ten sales get a signed copy.

    4. Post in groups, show your value, don't just drop your link and run.

    5. Regularly contact your email list and keep building.

    6. Make use of and fill in author pages/profiles on Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, etc

    7. Post live video book readings. Create a Youtube channel and post to this regularly.

    8. Participate in chats and forums, respond to all comments and collaborate.

    9. Attend events, market stalls, and network.

    10. Submit your book for an award.

    11. Press release

    12. Advertise your second book in your first book and third in second and so on. Add a contact the author section at the end of book, with email, website, socials.

    13. Make promo packs for bloggers: containing, links, excerpts, FB shares, reviews send on request.

    14. Make a workshop based on book content.

    15. Consider an affiliate program.

    16. Offer a special extra if pre-order book prior to launch.

    17. Team up with other businesses and offer prizes, coupons to be given away during the book launch. Donate a copy of your book to organizations themed on the book.

    18. Promote other authors, e.g. on your blog. Review, interview, and build goodwill/ support network.

    19. Use popular posts, quotes, chapter outlines, and make a slide show presentation or short video.

    Post to Facebook, email list (add hyperlinks), and your website.

    20. Create themed merchandise to sell.

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