“The New Zealand Dream” is a story and account of my life so far. You take a journey from birth, growing up in a beautiful country town. Moving to the suburbs, discovering New Zealand’s underground in book one "The seeds are sown." Life has been a struggle and a uphill climb, I was born with learning difficulties that caused me challenges every day. My mother, who single-handedly raised my brother, and I suffered from mental health problems. I dived into the drug and alcohol scene at a young age, growing up surrounded by violence and gangs. I escaped a religious occult, got married and had children. In book two "Growth and destruction," before I hit the age of thirty, I am a divorced single mother. My support network passed away, and I sank into the world of abuse. I stayed trapped in an abusive relationship for over eight years until one night he nearly killed me and I escaped. You will meet characters you may relate to and characters that will shock you. I will lead you into the world that surrounded me and nearly killed me. In book three I will show you how I changed my world, escaped the traps, leading me here to tell my story.


Book One The New Zealand Dream

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