"You will never take my soul!"

Updated: Feb 1

On 10 January 2021, the man that tried to kill me passed away.

Please follow the link to read my article I wrote about my experience living in violence and abuse. https://www.melissadesveauxconsulting.com/you-will-never-take-my-soul/

I share those dark times with readers in my book "Growth and destruction." I write in detail my healing journey in book two and in book three I am writing at the moment.

It is during this time I am reminded of why I write and share my story; I want to break the cycle of violence; I want to remind others you are not alone and save lives by giving hope and inspiration. I am glad I have not hung onto the anger and bitterness that would have only destroyed me. I honestly wished him peace at the funeral and am able to fully be there for our 16-year-old son.

BREAK THE CYCLE OF ABUSE! Set yourself free

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