Women of the world, by Elisabetta Somaglia

Updated: Mar 17

Guest writer for "mynzdream" blog

Are we the same all over the World?

Women, we are women: two legs, two arms, a face, a nose, two eyes, two feet, and so on.

Are we the same? Yes, we love our brothers and sisters. We argue with them, but we love each other. We love our parents; we need love from them; we need them. We argue with them. Sometimes we think we're hating them, but it is just a simpler way to reach our independence.

This is the same all over the world.

BUT somewhere you suddenly have no rights anymore.

You suddenly discover you can't argue with your sister anymore.

Something bigger than you is going to destroy your young life.

Is it religion? No, it isn't. Can we call it politics? No, that isn't politics. What's that?



The worst inner part of men comes up on the surface. You can touch it, it becomes concrete, a giant against you, a little, innocent creature. You, who were born to give life, to protect life, to continue living. You are suddenly dying; you are dying inside you and step by step outside.

You, the creator of life, you who allowed men, all men, to be born, become NOTHING less than an object.

I feel unpowered in front of such violence, but overall in front of the indifference of the World, my world, sometimes I can't recognize in spite of my optimism.

I hope to spare, I can just do that, a message of hope, positive energy which could help someone to fight for a better world.

Women we give life, we are strong; we are love. Maintain your inner freedom whatever you have to suffer, whatever you must say or see. Inside you are free! Your mind must stay free! Don't forget! Never forget! You are LOVE, love yourself and you will be free even in prison, even married with an orc. Sooner or later you will be free, never give up to fight for your freedom, your babies' freedom.

Educate your babies to love and not to hate and war. Forgive those terrible people in order to live a life of love, forgetting bad things and living for a better life forever.



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