Why Write your story?

Updated: Apr 12

Guest writer for "mynzdream"

Everyone has a story to tell. What is yours?

Writing has been my best friend ever since primary school many years ago now. I used imaginative writing to escape the world and create my own. I kept diaries to vent my feelings to till my twenties.

As I grew older, I turned to write once again; I found this better than any counselor or therapist. I wrote poems to release the heavy burden of my emotions, fears, or worries and celebrated my joy. Any dilemma I faced, if I fell in love, or if something or someone touched my life in some way, I wrote a poem about it. Doing this seemed to loosen my demon's hold over me, giving me clarity and peace. I got to know these demons well and spent a lot of time getting to know every part of myself.

I carried this on into my adulthood; I occupied my writing with music, facing all life threw my way together. The abuse, mental health, violence, men, love, praise, and pains. I felt less alone as writing was by my side all the way, it never left me nor judged me.

Now in my mid-adult years having fought many battles using writing and came out the other end. I decided to turn my pain and tragedies, past, and experiences into hope and inspiration for myself and others. In doing so, I have severed any grip those demons had and set free those caged-up monsters and memories that haunt, kissing them goodbye forever.

I used writing again, which brought me this far in my healing stage to be strong enough to share with you my journey of life so far, my lessons learned, my tears shed, my battles lost and won. My autobiography series called "The New Zealand Dream" by Sheila is written to remind you-you are not alone, you are not the only one.

I would like everyone to experience this healing writing has brought to my life. One can use writing and music whenever they need. I can guide you through the process by hiring me to be your writing mentor. Writing and sharing your story not only aids you in your healing journey and life but can help heal others too and change lives. Turn your life's journey into a gift of love and light for others.

Writing can set you free

Elise Brooke

If you would like to book a spot in my mentoring program, the first hour is free and conducted by email in one-on-one sessions. Contact Elise at elisebrooke771@gmail.com

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