What is self-love and why is it important? By Elise Brooke(Smith)

Updated: Mar 16

The Importance of Self-love

What is self-love?

Definition: Love of self, regard for one’s own happiness.

Self-love is a basic human necessity.

When I say “self-love” I do not mean as a moral flaw, vanity, or selfishness nor to be conceited, egotistical, or any form of narcissism. These are negative forms of self-love. I am referring to having a high regard for your own wellbeing and happiness. Self-love is taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your wellbeing to please others. Self-love is something different for each person because we should all have many ways to take care of ourselves.

Self-love ideas to try:

Self-love is all about looking after yourself and not neglecting your needs. Learning how to keep your basket full. Without a full basket of your own, without self-love, you cannot truly love and care for others, nor find your soul mate and achieve your goals.

In today’s fast-paced world and such uncertain times, everyone wants things done instantly and to see instant results. As humans, we are just not made to live like this and we suffer from neglect as a result.

Here are some things I do for my self-love.

Pick three to try this week and discover the difference when you listen to your needs how your life will change.

Spending time in nature

Listen to positive music Watch positive movies/videos

Time for you/pamper yourself

Spend time with positive people, set boundaries, say no and filter your circle.

Practice spirituality and prayer/meditation

Feed your body and mind with healthy fuel

Rid your life of toxic people, it is better to be alone than around negativity. Remember, you are responsible for your own happiness, nobody else should be expected to make you happy.

Sit just sit quietly, allow yourself to hear your thoughts, do not entertain negative thoughts.

Pick/buy a bunch of flowers, enjoy the beauty of creation.

Take a nap. Even if you do not sleep, resting helps renew the body and mind.

Do something crafty, coloring, painting, writing. Be creative.

Watch funny movies/videos fill your mind with humor. What we allow into our minds, vision, and hearing we are entertaining.

Go to the library and read expand your mind. Knowledge is power. Question everything.

Sit in the grass and watch the clouds float by, daydream, and visualize.

Look at the stars, realize how big our universe is.

Take a mental health day without feeling guilty. Keep your mind healthy.

Sit in a coffee shop and sip a luxurious drink. Treat yourself.

Go to a grocery store without a list and buy some stuff just for you.

Try a new hobby, expand your skills.

Sing at the top of your lungs and dance like no one is watching. Free yourself of inhibitions.

Go for a drive with no destination, be spur of the moment.

Go to the park and play in the playground, be a kid again.

Do your hair and makeup, wear an outfit that makes you feel good.

Declutter, your environment affects your wellbeing and health.

Bake, and eat some. Allow yourself to have a treat in moderation without guilt.

Have a picnic, surround yourself in beautiful surroundings.

Be in or by the water, beach, lake, river, pool, shower. Water is very cleansing and renewing.

Go to bed early or sleep in late. Try not to be confined to the ticking of time.

Research an interest, grow and expand your knowledge.

Spend time in the garden, touch, smell, hear and see. Take it all in and be a part of nature, feel the earth in your hands and the grass under your bare feet.

Write a list of ten things you are grateful for and why. Practicing gratitude is a healthy way to keep perspective.

Why practice self-love every day

In short, you must practice self-love to achieve greater happiness.

Self-love builds stronger resilience, self-compassion influences the way we handle life’s challenges and see ourselves in relation to them. Self-love increases one's motivation and provides better physical and mental health. People who love themselves are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Self-love paves the way to a positive mindset needed to succeed. Loving yourself reduces stress, lessons procrastination, and gives you more focus.

Every day you must do what makes you happy, follow your passion, and love what you do. If you do not, surely you are slowly dying inside, make the necessary changes needed to do what makes you happy. Life is short as we all know, do it now, don’t wait.

Elise Brooke (Smith)©

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