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Updated: Mar 7

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

Today I was on a reminiscing train which made me question myself on the essence and definition of "life".

By now, am sure you know the trips my thoughts take me on, are usually random and not quite what you would pick up 'prima facie'. Somehow, this crazy mind refuses to accept the general ideologies and definitions without question, merely. It questions and verifies everything, usually, and pegs everything next to actual experiences and encounters, for realistic application. More often than I am willing to accept, it rejects the popular theories and creates its own, which fits the experiences and observations afore mentioned.

This today's train, started off with a picture of my daily routine. Wake up at 5am, fix uniforms for the tiny human that lives in my house, check its bag and it's contents, as well as sign homework and school diaries before I have to wake it. 5:15am, it's baking time, fat cakes and scones, to make extra cash for those days food and necessities unfriend us. Tiny human's breakfast is made simultaneously. Packing up the cakes for dispatch, I also dish little person's food, multitasking.

5:30, mini me has to wake and be washed and have teeth and hair brushed. Dressed in its tiny cute uniform, mama bear has to assist with breakfast so the uniform is not soiled before person leaves home. Breakfast and revision are married, while mother hen finds driver, time cautious. 6:30, tiny person has to temporally break my heart as it leaves.. For betterment of mind. 6:50 Mother hen hurries to groom herself before following one foot after the other, to deliver fat cakes to their sales points. 7:00am mother hen busied around, cleaning and washing around the house.

Around 10am,mother hen abandons her title, but only temporarily, and assumed the business lady cap. Organizing, negotiating, stocking, selling, all the administration and running around. At times, the formal job calls for attention too, and has to be balanced with the business. All this has to be done by 3pm, so business woman can be back in mother cap on time for tiny human returning. After it returns, time gets distorted, though homework is always top of the list. The. Little person then demands its attention, with the other half concurring. By then, the time is around 6pm. After this, woman has to transform, once more, into an author, writing, editing, publishing, designing covers, marketing, engaging fellow authors and responding to QUIRRIES and requests. In between the writing breaks, the lyricist, par vocalists shines... Doing exactly what the title describes, in preparation for those live performance nights. 7pm the cook has to find her way to the kitchen, either alternating with music and writing, or completely to that title. After cooking, supper time. A sitting break before beds have to be fluffed and mini me kissed goodnight at 8pm. From which I return, to clear the tables, do the dishes, make sure dirty clothes and uniform are in the laundry, or washed, for the uniforms do not match the days of the week. I get done around 9:30 and return to market and beg for support direly needed, from family and friends that barely care, an ache that sinks my soul every day. I revisit pages, contests and conversations, checking progress, with hope that gets dwindled every time I open any pages statistics. But my heart is quick to remind me and encourage me. 11pm time for fantasy and fetishes, for there is a half that requires that in all this chaos. Burning Fire or cooling snow drive conversations, which run till midnight or beyond, before exhausted flesh is dragged to sleep with alarms at the ready, to wake me up again, at 5am.Day done.

Looking at all this, I asked myself, is this the life I would have wanted or wished for? My mother's words echo too, reminding me to be grateful for what I have

But then, I look around, yes I have a roof over my head and can pay rent, struggling at it. Yes I have food daily, though it might not be the fanciest, I have clothes and a place to rest my head. I am able bodied and can work for myself and those I care for, for I have four more minis me's bestowed upon me by the early departure of a beloved sibling. I have people to love and who love me equally or even more... But, is this what life is all about? What good is to having a house, when need to. Provide and pay bills force's you out most of the day. The couches, televisions and furniture and effects, sit most of the times, alone, listening to the Humm and buzz of gadgets and electronics.. The bed knows my warmth for a few hours and I barely know what shows are popular these days. Is life. Working to achieve that which you cannot enjoy? For that is what I assume the majority live, just like me. I too want a car, vacagik s and the good life.. But also ask myself, most people I know do have these, on credit. Is it worth it? To always have a headache on bills, for the luxury of have a dope car, shoes and anything? Is life about the moments and not the things? But it seems the things the moments more enjoyable too... This is just a whirling of confusion that keeps comparing and contrasting everything my roaming minds brings forth. Won't you help me out?

By Swit La Pond

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