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Updated: Apr 11

Swit La Pound is "mynzdreamblog" new guest poster. Swit will be writing articles for the blog every Tuesday.


I am a female South African author, with four current Published books available as Ebooks and working on my 5th and 6th concurrently. My author's personality does not show face & seeks to be known for the writing only. As a victim and survivor of rape and other various abuses, I am passionate about Women's and Children's issues, thus; I write about them mainly (My FLOWER IN FLAMES (fiction) and my EMOTIONS (memoir) are in this genre. Both are available for sale on Amazon and D2D.

I also love writing deep thought articles, something that makes people wonder and think (My ongoing RANDOMNESS OVERLOAD on Booknet.com is a perfect example (it's available for free).

I also enjoy writing short stories, absurd ones (I have a collection of such in my WHAT IF? ABSURD SHORT STORIES COLLECTION, available for sale on Amazon and D2D).

My RUGGED RICHES, available for sale and running in a contest on Booknet com, is a Romance, 18+.

I am also a poet.

I can write any genre, as long as I put my mind and focus on it. Writing is an extension of me and a way of expressing myself in my healing and growing journey.

The person behind Swit La Pound is a young mother of one, aged 32. An attorney and Notary Public by profession, also a lyricist and lead singer for Altranon Muzik, whose pages can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Another way my writing comes out!

In addition, I love art and fashion, generally, and am part of a proud small designing and retailing upcoming company called DOOMAWORLD CUSTOM MADE DESIGNS, as one of the two founding partners.

Writing has been my escape and refuge since I was as young as 10, but my work from back then made friends with flames, and never had eyes that read, except my own. I only got brave enough to write my story, observations, emotions, wishes, regrets, hopes - my very heart out, in February 2020. I have pages on Facebook, Instagram, and a YouTube channel under Swit La Pound, where I post my work.

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