Welcome on board K.C Poitras

"The New Zealand Dream's" newest guest writer. K.C Poitras will write monthly for the blog. Here is her bio;

Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/37cc8ac

Learn more: https://linktr.ee/Kcpoitras

K.C. Poitras is a mother, grandmother, and author from North Port, Florida. Born and raised in Virginia. She moved to Florida seven years ago where she embraces her love for the ocean and where she feels most at peace. Before she turned to writing, K.C. worked for over thirty years in the customer service industry. For many years K.C. suffered from crippling anxiety, and the thought of writing and everyday events overwhelmed her.

When she is not writing, K.C loves riding her beachcomber with Eric, and her friends, or tackling a new and challenging recipe in the kitchen. She loves to cook, host, and entertain and would be lost without her friends and neighbors. Her house is always one step away from a new look thanks to K.C.’s love of decorating and remodeling. K.C. will continue to work on her series with the trials, love and joys in her life providing constant muses for new ideas.

K.C.’s debut novel, You Taught Me What It Feels like to Fall in Love, is the first book in her You’re My Day One series. K.C.’s stories are wonderful beach-read romances with all the feels of Elin Hildebrand, or Kristen Hannah.

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