We Celebrate You!

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We celebrate you in your uniqueness. Your different skin color, your different level of education, your career, your talents and gifts, your great mom abilities, being the glue to your family, being a caretaker for your parents, and living within your truth. This month, as the world celebrates women and shares stories of inspiration and motivation, know that you are included in this celebration.

You who have persevered through the storms stood triumphantly in times of distress and rose, looking fabulous on days gone bad. You are being celebrated for being a beautiful person, an intelligent individual, a mastermind for budgeting time, resources, and finances. You are being celebrated! There is no one that can do the things you can, no one has your gifts. Those special gifts make you unique, they make you unstoppable; they bring you courage and make you relentless.

Don’t render all of your accolades for others. YES, encourage others, inspire others, acknowledge others, but CELEBRATE YOU. Tell yourself “I love you”, “you are worthy of happiness”, “You are worthy of your success”, “you are enough”. When you can celebrate YOU without remorse, you are free to love others. No more sideline attendance to the game of your life, stand unapologetically bold, confidently move beyond your fears, and walk into your impossibilities. You are phenomenal, you are kind, you are unique.

For everyday during the month of March, say something loving, encouraging, and inspiring to YOURSELF. When you need some extra motivation, whisper the serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Until the next time, my beautiful, strong, loving, amazing women welcome to your celebration. You are worthy.

Sheryl Mays

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