Tribute to Trudy Eldred

Trudy was my best friend from high school she passed away at only 44 years old on January 15, 2021. Trudy was an excellent poet who struggled with disabilities, a true friend with a beautiful sense of humor. She never let the world get her down and will be missed dearly.

Trudy published a book of poetry in 2015 which gives an insight into her daily struggles to live with disabilities.

Poetry from a Quiet Body and a Screaming Mind by Trudy Eldred

Book blurb: "It has been a dream for a long time, but because of my disabilities it has been difficult to be understood."

"Poetry from a Quite Mind and a Screaming Body" is one way that I can prove that there is more to me than others might expect."

Here is one of Trudy's poems...


Whenever I feel sad,

And everything else seems bad.

Wherever you are, or wherever you may be,

I still wish you were here with me.

For whenever the stars begin to fall,

You are the one I want to call.

Whatever I do,

I want to share it with you.

But life isn't always that kind,

A better friend I know I won't find.

You're stuck with me, and I'm stuck with you,

Yet, we pick each other up, never feeling blue.

Trudy Eldred

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