"Trials and tribulations of a talented teen" book review

By Robin Lee-Robinson

I have recently had the pleasure of doing a book review for Robin Lee-Robinson,

one of the books she has written is called "Trials and Tribulations of a talented teen."

This is an excellent read. The book is written well and is authentic to NZ culture and language. I enjoyed the storyline very much, finding it intriguing and an eye-opener. I loved being emersed in NZ culture through the characters. The characters are humorous and true to how we talk and live here in NZ; I found them very relatable.

The story has taught me a lot about NZ history and has shed light on some gray areas filling in the gaps. I can recognize places written about and have been to some of them. I would recommend this story to anyone interested in NZ, it is a great read you cannot put down.

Elise Smith

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