Travelling by Elisabetta Somaglia

Updated: Mar 7

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

I have always loved traveling, since I was a baby, the sense of going, going also without a destination. Here is the chapter “Travelling” from my book “I love colors”.

I think a lot of people have these sensations. The odd thing for me is knowing people who don't like traveling. I am amazed by that; the sense and the desire and the need to travel are really inside my DNA that they appear very odd to my eyes.

“You love traveling, you love planning a trip and love coming back, reconquering your home. You smell odors, just like you smelt them when you were a child, coming back from a long voyage. You smell odors, returning to a place you haven’t lived for years. You recognize what is known with the senses, one of the most beautiful things of life: to see, to feel with all the senses, to touch fabric, to smell a perfume, to hear and recognize a noise. Traveling is thinking about it, planning it, preparing everything, leaving here… the most adventurous part! And then it’s visit, the most obvious, almost the end of the journey. And then the return, catching up with your life, your habits, the familiar faces, the common sounds and smells, the tastes, the taste of what is our normal.

The travel experience

New faces

new smells

new languages

new colors,

you appreciate what’s new

you appreciate what’s different

when in the old you feel lost,

the sense of traveling,

near or far,

it is like an old man

who holds your hands;

when you can’t find it,

when you can’t see

everything in which you believe,

and he, with his never-ending


leads you back to your beautiful


Books sometimes are a long journey

into your life and, occasionally,

unintentionally, into those of others.”

Travel my friends, try! That opens your soul and you will see the World and the people in another new beautiful way.

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