The Search; A poem by Elise Smith (Brooke)

Updated: Feb 21

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The Search

A poem by Elise Smith (Brooke)

We all long, long to find a match, a soul mate

Some spend their whole lives searching…

Some die alone or with a lonely heart.

Some find their match and live long, happy lives together, their hearts beating as one.

Far too many find that match and it is snatched away far too early

They never find another, and live the rest of their lives aching for their loss, but never regretting finding their match.

They just close their eyes and there they are.

The joy and happiness of distant times they shared keeps them going,

This is the only thing keeping them strong, they know, without doubt, it was all worthwhile.

Others can never find their match, they yearn for this so badly.

They bounce from face to face in and out of “love.”

Some are unaware they have found their match,

They do not recognize them as their match it is ignored.

They end up losing sight and remain forever blind.

All who do find their match, be warned….

Grab and hold on tight, tell them every day, always show them you love them.

Never let barriers stop you.

However long you have to share, how glorious each precious moment,

Each touch shared is a gift.

The universe has revealed a rare connection, your other half to make you whole in every way.

Life is a raw, rough, and hard journey….

Shared together, it is beaming, heavenly, fortified, and true.

Together the pains are more bearable, the heat not so scolding, it is hot but will not burn.

Life’s road becomes paved and easier to see the path.

The light is brighter, the happiness pure and lasting, the world less lonely.

This happiness lasts beyond death.

The future is brighter, the colors more vivid, and your back is always protected.

Elise Smith©

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