The randomness of nature by Elisabetta Somaglia

Updated: 5 days ago

Guest writer for "mynzdreamblog"

We humans, try to organize everything, we think we can coordinate whatever in the World, we can anticipate and prevent everything. We are so egocentric that we are sure to be able to control nature.

But nature is so beautiful precisely because every day it is a surprise. It is amazing, astonishing, eye-popping, shocking!

Nature isn’t always kind to humans, but humans aren’t often kind to nature.

A great dose of human humility would be necessary, and useful to all in order to maintain a better relationship with nature.

What is nature, after all? Nature is everything around us: animals, rocks, flowers, ground, sky, grass, trees, air… To respect nature means to respect every little microscopic part of this world.

We should love the randomness of nature because that allows us to live a surprising life and not a monotone one.

Don’t try to control everything! We can’t anticipate the events; we should live the present, learning from the past and respecting the future. It’s so simple that this behavior could let us live more relaxed, in love with the whole of the surroundings.

So it’s our life, our daily attitude. Too often, we try to control others and the surrounding people. But if you try to change someone, you will never be sure who you have by your side. It’s correct to organize our life, to optimize everything we can, but it’s absolutely a disaster to try changing others’ disposition, whether he is your son or daughter or he/she is your partner. And it is likewise a disaster to try changing the situations, the natural evolution of the situations.


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