The marriage by Elisabetta Somaglia

Updated: Feb 21

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

Yeah! The marriage! Do you remember we talked about our fears? Marriage represents one of the fears! Yes, that’s so!

It’s really funny: since we were babies our parents read fables with princes and princesses and the end was their marriage - “and they lived happily ever after”. Do you remember? -. It’s clear to everyone that girls dream of marriage and boys a little bit less. So… for our whole teenage years we, women, try to find a sort of Prince Charming, like the fables we have continuously listened to in our childhood, but… We often find rude boys who only want… sex, yes, sex! Oh my God! “Mum, why didn't you read that part of the fable? Wasn’t it there? I’m not prepared.”

Then you see your mother turn red and suddenly invent an excuse to go out: it could be for compulsive shopping, or for a sudden headache without having any pills at home, or for a very close friend’s unexpected urge. She disappears!

The reality is that you are just shocked, sitting in the kitchen, and you can’t recognize your mum, but neither can you recognize her fables.

During teenage years, boys are weird. They sometimes don’t seem like humans. They change their voice; they change their glance; they try to demonstrate they are strong, without fears, they sometimes remain indifferent even if they fall in love.

Hey, girls! Keep calm and stay tuned!

Boys love girls, as girls love boys. Their attitude is only fear! But they change. When they meet the perfect woman, they fall in love and agree to create a bond forever; yes, for sure - you are shocked again - they also ask you to marry them. Trust in me! That’s true. And that will be the best story forever.

I dedicate this funny article to our loved blogger Elise and to her recent wonderful marriage.

Thank you Elizabetta Somaglia :) :)

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