The Lifting Circle by Sheryl Mays

Updated: Mar 7

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

Many people have said that the company you keep has a big impact on your life. They might say this in different ways, but they all mean to tell you that who you surround yourself with is important. Which makes perfect sense because you adopt the habits, mannerisms, vocabulary, dreams, ideas, and beliefs of those you spend the most time with… your circle.

These are the people that support your life decisions, provide you with advice and encouragement. They can also be manipulative in giving their opinions about what they think is best for us sometimes. These influencers influence our lives positively or negatively depending on who we choose to surround ourselves with, which makes it important to pay attention when choosing these individuals carefully because this will make a difference in shaping yourself as an individual too.

Here’s a test. Let’s call it, How to know if you’re in the lifting circle. Let’s say you have a dream of doing something you have never done before. It’s definitely out of your comfort zone, but it's within your passion zone. You have no concrete plan on the how, but you know the why. You share it with your circle. Does your circle?

a) Encourage you to do it and applaud you for sharing your dream.

b) Inspire you to take it on.

c) Motivate you to take the next action step.

Or do they:

a) Laugh at your dream.

b) Say it will never happen.

c) Discourage you.

The people who are in the right circle for you should be able to encourage, inspire, and motivate. They want both of you to grow by helping each other out.

Sometimes I’ve had to let some folks go. Yes, it was tough. It was tough because I felt a sense of responsibility. Like I’m supposed to remain stagnant for their comfort. No, that’s not what we are to do. We are to live according to our definition of success. That’s our why! That’s why we dream, why we seek mentors, why we continue to learn, why we share with others, help others, and love others. Every day, we want to be successful. So, your circle is important. There are five types of people that I try to surround myself with. They want me to be a better version of me, and they inspire all kinds of greatness within my soul.

Surround yourself with these five types of people and you will find your success. The Inspired, the motivated, the passionate, the open-minded, and the grateful.

The Inspiring one will share stories from those who have achieved enlightenment, and ideas that made their success story come true. They are always positive because they believe it can happen. This person shows you how to believe in yourself.

When you have been inspired, you will no longer be intimidated by the limitations of your mind. You will believe you can and know that you will.

The Motivated ones will keep you focused. They'll monitor your progress and be honest with you when lagging behind, reminding you about your dream.

When you have been motivated, you will act. One can only be genuinely motivated when we focus on the outcomes we want in life. They help you keep your eye on the ball.

The Passionate will remind you to keep striving even in tough times. They are the people who have kept moving forward when things get hard, and they're reminding you of your promise to fulfill a dream that could change lives.

When you are surrounded by passionate people, they will keep you grounded. They will help you remain true to your core values and your higher purpose.

The Open-Minded will keep you on the creative side. They are always looking at others' perspectives, and as a result, they will help you see opportunities and find resources for your projects.

When you are surrounded by open-minded folks, you are always looking at what could happen and not limit yourself to what you see before you.

The Grateful ones will help you see what you have already been given. They will stress the importance of celebration and remind us to be thankful for our past successes.

When you are surrounded by the grateful, you’ll always remember how blessed you are in life. You become appreciative of the daily things we take for granted.

There were times when I was missing some of these five folks and I found myself struggling to keep the focus and energy going. But today, I have all five in my life, and I couldn't be happier. Even during the ups and downs of business, personal problems, or even future plans for myself—I'm confident that everything will work out just fine because these people are here to help me get through it all.

We all have people in our lives who either inspire us, motivate us to be better human beings, show passion for what they do and believe in, or are open-minded. These types of individuals will help you grow into the person that you admire most.

Until the next time,

May you speak words of positivity, seek people that are open-minded, show daily gratitude, remain passionate about your desires, stay motivated into action and be an inspiration to others. And may your music always be heard!

Your Friend, Sheryl

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