The indifference by Elisabetta Somaglia

Paris, city of lovers and artists, city of dreams.

But… a few days ago, a famous photographer, René Robert, of Swiss origin and French of adoption lay eight hours on the ground in the center of Paris between the République and the famous Beaubourg. No one stopped to help him, an 84 years old man, a famous artist called “the flamenco photographer” due to his love for dancers’ bodies, shadows, and lights.

This is the news, now, in all the newspapers. The end has been the following: only a tramp, after the whole night on the sidewalk, realized he wasn’t well and needed help. It was too late, of course. He was already in a state of bad hypothermia.

An old man died in Paris, normal news, an everyday situation, but we must stop to think about that. How did he die? Why did he die? Did he die of an illness? Or did he die for the fault of our society? The indifference… How many people have seen him? We are in the center of Paris, not in a desolate country. Did those men and women think he was a tramp? But… even if he was, is it correct to go on without asking if he needs help?

No, no, no! It isn’t human; it is the death of humanity, of empathy, of sensitivity, of love for life.

Ask yourself: “And if he was my father? Or my son? Or my husband? Or my best friend?”

This is not acceptable. Our society must immediately change. Our society doesn’t need money, doesn’t need industries, doesn’t need economic progress, but spiritual progress. Men and women need love, sensitivity, and empathy. At school we need a new topic -“Empathy”- to learn and reach a good way of love towards humans, animals, and nature.

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