The BIG small guys by Swit La Pound

Updated: Feb 20

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

So, I was thinking about how everything, no matter how small, plays a very major role in our existence, despite most people either looking down on such things or merely discarding them. It’s something that got me quite concerned and wondering. If you look closely, everything, big, small, dangerous, friendly, known or unknown, has its specific part to hold up for the world as we know it, to work properly. Imagine mosquitos, we all hate them and kill on sight, isn’t it? That bite and the itch it leaves, nothing to desire. With the numbers we swat to death, across nations and through times, they would have, by now, only been tales of a species once alive, just like dinosaurs. But nature had a plan for that already. The smaller the creature, the bigger the numbers; the bigger(physically) the species, the smaller the numbers, in comparison to the smaller lives. For some reason, it seems even creation itself made a contingency, through procreation, to ensure continuance. The small species, prone to death in multitudes, come in great hordes, to counter the short lives and the deaths encountered. While the bigger ones that can make a stand against predators come just in the right numbers. Enough to ensure continuance and survival, but not too much as to override and overrun the natural systems.

This realization pushed me to see that these small creatures hold the same importance as any other creature, even us. Their existence must then be the pivotal and the highest part of the whole picture.

Even flies, irritating and unhealthy as they seem, they too come in hordes, armored for the thwarts that seek to send them to extinction. They too are necessary and vital then, it seems. Ants also, small, hardworking and with quite a temper, don’t seem to have any actual importance to us, except for our feet to tread on. But zooming in on their functionality and their eco necessity, one will find that it reaches beyond what we probably care to comprehend.

Imagine if we were to take out one of the small species completely from our world. Totally wiping out all of them! Do you think everything will hold properly and in place? What would a world with not a single ant be like? Or any buzzing flies orbiting mosquitos? What would be the effect of removing all the bees from our world? I don’t know precisely, but I am certain we would appreciate their existence more, once our world starts showing a lack of important and pivotal aspects of our own lives, because of the absence of one puny species.

Most times, we panic and cry alarm at the hearing of how the big animals are running to extinction or have fallen endangered. But, like in the human world, the little guy is rarely looked at, or given due praise and acknowledgment. Maybe inconsistencies in the survival of the tiny, small species affect the bigger species' survival and continuance, sending them to extinction. Maybe even some of the bigger calamities we experience start with the little guys being tampered with or not being considered! But then, maybe it’s just my overreaching mind.

Just as everyone has a place and a part to play in our society’s growth, and in our development as a kind, even the smallest of animals and organisms, that doesn’t seem to play any relevant part in our personal lives, have a bigger purpose, in the functionality and survival of all other species and the earth we so love. Thanks my 2 cents!

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