Swit Tuesdays-Who would you be? By Swit La Pound

Updated: Apr 4

Guest writer for "mynzdreamblog"

Last night I watched a video on YouTube that caught my attention. A sad, yet enlightening story, which got me wondering and questioning my very self beyond the norm.

In this story, a very wealthy man, with a lavish life and all he could wish for at the tip of his hands, decided, one day, to journey out of his motherland on a trip by sea. The trip was planned and the date of departure arrived as planned. He boarded and away they sailed, on his very own yacht. The first few days went well without incident. On the 5th day, though, a storm, unexpected and unprepared for, hit with might. The Yacht was wrecked and lives were lost. By some luck, the wealthy man survived, though in poor health and having lost all his belongings. His clothing, devices, and documents were sunken and lost forever. Only his life, at this point, was what he owned.

Hanging by a thread for dear life, all he wished for was rescue and survival. After a day or two of floating at sea, unconscious, he washed up on a bank in some backward country, where he received medical attention and had life restored.

Other than that, this place offered him nothing of the life he was used to. After trying all he could to get help in establishing communications with his family and friends back home, as well as to prove he was rich and had just been in a wreck, to no avail, trying anymore seemed hopeless. He had to find a way to survive the days until he could return home.

With nothing in his name, rugged rags for clothes, no way of communicating with his former life, and no familiar face to give him solace, he had no choice but to assume a life of begging and poverty. This got him thinking, what does it mean, to own something "valuable", to be rich, to be elite... When it could all go away in the blink of an eye? What do Riches add to the person “you truly are”?.

This sparked my introspection... Who am I, if all materials and outside factors were to be removed? Who would I be? Would the same people surround me, and would the same things interest me? Would my character and interactions undergo any transformation? Would I still be the same myself?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who are you?”, when you stand alone and look back at your reflection without the shrouds?

Do we really need the things we pride and make important, or do we blind ourselves from what is important to elevate our egos?

If what you have today were to be lost or taken, would it change the person you are? Or how you view life and treat people? Do you allow possessions and prowess to lead you to a false superiority complex?

Do the cars, houses, and companies we own and pride ourselves in, really matter? Or is it the people we spit on, show off to ignore, and give handouts to that matter?

WHAT defines a person, really? What gives them respect, validity, and essence? Is it glamor, glitter, and names in bold letters? Or is it the naked, hidden person inside that we usually ignore and abandon?

Would losing tangibles faze your core? Or is it the little things and small memorable moments that matter? Does life end when riches disperse?

Who are you then? What really matters? Who am I?


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