SWIT TUESDAYS; What's your story? ( by Swit La Pound)

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What's your story? ( by Swit La Pound)

What is it that drives you to write? What is the core of your creativity?

Is it a lamenting cry you let out? Is it a call to arms? Is it the pain that oozes silently within? Or,

maybe, the joy that overflows and runs through your veins?

Is your mind a haven for worlds unknown and a weaver of tales?

But then,

Where does it go sometimes? How does it come back? What is the secret behind this magic?

I am no expert, and I speak for only myself, though hoping to find similar souls.

Inspiration for writing is, for me, merely living life. Going through the days as they come and go. Grumpy mornings and bright sunrises alike. Cold winters and bright summers.

The horrific moments, the traumas, the haunting memories, and the whispering voices. Together with the crackling laughter, the warm words, the special people, and the love that burns bright. All of it brews and conjures, and spells out the words on paper. Be it wild imagination let loose, comedy translated to passages, poetry from the heart, music that soothes, or books that take you on adventures, it all derives originality from life itself. Remember, "Dead men tell no tales", haha.

Our surroundings, our circles, our experiences somehow determine our path in writing, the formulation of storylines, and how the pen spits.

For me, it was pain carried for years, adorned with smiles and bubbliness, that finally burst out onto paper.

Traumas of the past, whispers of demise, and the feeling of hopelessness finally broke my being down after years, and the words I had, instead, jumped straight to paper. It was just a rush of emotions. Anger, hopelessness, hope, regret, determination, and pain, a concoction that made me realize I would not want what I lived to be the life of my daughter or any other child or woman out there. I had to at least try, in my own tiny way, to make a difference.....and Swit La Pound Author was birthed.

It's funny how I am most creative and inspired when I feel broken and at my lowest. I no longer break down and become naught. I break down and write the pages, taking a ton off my chest.

When I get extremely happy, words seem to evade me and my being chooses only to observe, enjoy and store, for later juxtaposition when darkness visits-a weapon of war - the mind against itself.

Writing is freedom absent the usual restrictions, a world of expression and art, a friend ever-present, a sure shoulder to cry on - an extension of self. Writing it all out of my burdened heart and heavy head, certain I am that I am not alone in this.

Writing is healing in itself and the best way to make friends, explore worlds and see beyond mere sight.

I can say I have not only grown through my, not so long, journey of writing but have come to meet friends, sisters, mentors, and colleagues I would never have met had I not taken this path. I have received priceless advice and steadfast support. All because of writing!

I have read many amazing books and seen amazing works of art - my heart's satisfaction.....

Yes, that's the word I was looking for...


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