Swit Tuesdays; Ever wondered? – A poem by Swit La Pound

Updated: Apr 4

Guest writer for "mynzdreamblog"

I cannot be the only one wondering,

About days of old and ancient ways.

Not their traditions and beliefs,

Or their culture and norms,

But on the other side, many barely inspect, I would guess.

Have you ever wondered,

How life was for them,

The little big things that seem normal to us.

Before Tshaka Zulu and Columbus

Jaja of Opobo and Mbuya nehanda,

Do you think they washed their attires and clothing, hanging them out to dry for a change like we do?

Or do you think they wore out their animal skin-made attires, sewn together by barks, skin, and vines… then do away with them once they outlive set days?

Do you think they had their own form of soap, not the bars and liquid we know? Or maybe water only was sufficient?

After washing, did they have lotions to plaster their bared skin with and to fragrance their bodies?

Or did they succumb and give in to the harshness of the weather and environments-. Making ashy skin a thing of familiarity?

Do you think salt was an integral part of their meals, as it is with us?

Do you think they have herbs and spices-raw from nature, or they merely ate their meals plain with their natural flavors – dried or fresh?

Do you think brushing teeth, combing hair, and looking “respectable “, was any measure of stature for them,

Or maybe, the sweaty and odorous smells we call “stink”, represented manliness and a symbol of hard work?

Have you ever wondered….. If we have anything in common with them? Would they survive in our norm, and would we have made it in theirs?

I wonder!


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