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Updated: Mar 28

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Talent is diverse and as unique as our individuality. For some reason, today I was drawn to how we view certain specified "abilities" as talent, yet some we shun and leave others uncategorized.

It was worse in previous times and generations as compared to nowadays. Back then, strict sports were to be the only sports, and none of them were designed for men, to the out-casting of women.

It seems the internet and technological advancements have somehow increased our talent pool and attempted to balance the male-to-female sports ratio.

Traditionally, physique, soccer, rugby, athletics, and other equally popular sports were what was considered talent and acceptable as a career choice, especially in most African setups. Surprisingly, as some might find it, this still continues in numerous African communities to date. Skateboarding, javelin, and jumping, both long and high, and any other, not so popular sport, were, and are, in some parts, considered luxuries and fantasies for the rich, a waste of time for the poor a dream for fools, and no talent. Outstanding performance in these, unless one sources funding, scholarships, and contracts, is considered mere exceptional performance to be soon forgotten with growth.

In the formal sector, where brain games dwell, certain fields are considered more weighty than others. I remember my grandmother constantly reminding all of us, her grandchildren, at any chance she got. That law, medicine, and accounting were the fields to aspire for. Everything else she did not quite consider a career. Music! Ha! Unique forms of art! Haha.

Basically, conformity to strictly set up career paths was demanded and not to be diverted from.

But with the change ushered in by technology and evolution, it seems the "talent curtain" covers a lot more of the originally unacceptable talents. Talking, for some, is a talent. Public speakers, motivational speakers, comedians, poets, actors, councilors....talking. The internet has exhibited, talking is a talent. Unique body movements, outstanding flexibility, and even regurgitations now find a way into the talent pool. Nature sounds imitations, and unique musical talents of all forms and nature, combined with artists as diverse as the people that create. It's as if a door, formerly closed shut, was opened and talent, uniqueness, acceptance, individuality, and beauty spilled out.

Nevertheless, there is always a dark lining tainting silver clouds. With the new exploration and explosion of uniqueness and creativity, hordes of pranksters, copycats, fraudsters, and wanna-be's find their way into the talent stream, overshadowing the genuine talent with nearly trash-worthy content. Plastic content and Buckless morals trail in too, and the talent pool, meant to be mesmerizing, inspiring, and showing growth, brings forth chaos, commotion, and hatred.

The more enlightened we become, the more accepting of our differences, uniqueness, and talents - the more chaos, cookery, and confusion.

Despite the said chaos, talent shines brighter still, even when hidden. It might not be your brain, hands, or feet that have the talent. You might not be intelligent enough in class and seem not to excel at any sport or popular activity. But everyone has their unique talents that makeup who they are. Everyone is unique in their own way. Maybe it's your heart, your drive, your personality, and the treatment of others that is your talent core, but because they fall not under any of the classified talent classes, it is, thus, not nurtured, withers, and dies a slow death.

I think talent manifests itself in all forms and two different extents in each and every person, individually and uniquely. It's a lot more than we care to accept. That is talent abandoned. A closer look at ourselves and those around us could help identify and celebrate the uniqueness of each person and help them embrace it so......but then, we are busy and caught up online, picking out faults and jeering at mistakes and failures.


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