Swit Tuesdays; by Swit La Pond


Sometimes I find it hard to write. My mind just won't spread to creativity. At

times because I am sad and cannot escape my head, aches, and woes. But

sometimes, I find no reason at all. Just a blank day, I guess. I have tried forcing

myself to write in such a mood, and it never works. My creative train runs out of

power within a few lines to none.

Other times, though, it is purely a matter of a topic and the aura it carries its

possibility to be a ticking time bomb or a grenade in hand. I think of discussing

politics sometimes, but my views are so divergent from the norm, I support none

and judge all alike. Delving into what I mean would most certainly rub some the

wrong way, hence, best to stay away.

Think of love, I could directly disprove an

act others value and consider love, and in turn, get yet another argument, on

purely personal matters. Better let it be. I could open up my heart and pour it out,

but there is always going to be those who think it's attention-seeking, show off or

otherwise, so why put myself in the firing line knowingly? How to raise kids, and

moral standards still spark hatred and segregation, why drive the rift any deeper

and wider? Re