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TODAY was another day of me wondering if things seem either absurd or nonsensical to some. For me, it’s discoveries that help grow my inner being, though usually leaving me with a lot more questions. I was watching some videos with my daughter on YouTube (it’s a thing we do). In our playlist, the third and fourth videos were of animals. The videos awed us, as always, of course. Curious, adorable, and alive, energetically so. Dogs, cats, monkeys, birds. The naughtiness, the thinking, tricks, and the attention-seeking. Big, small, tall, thin, and plump. The fifth and sixth videos were of kids doing pretty much the same as the animals. Funny, cute, lovable, naughty, sly at times, and attention-loving. Food, new things, and bright colors quickly got the eye and were investigated.

My mind immediately picked up several subtle, yet loud, similarities. If they were to be shown to an alien to pick which is the kid and which is the animal/pet, I am sure that would be a very difficult task for them. From the way of thinking, the planning, and the execution; to the love, care, friendship, and loyalty. You would be surprised how many similarities I picked!

Basically, what I concluded, and am trying to say, is, we are animals by nature, instinct, and thought. Though we try to deny, run from, and bottle it up. Despite our proclamation of superiority, as a race over animals and all other beings, the familiarities are too vast to dismiss as coincidental. Maybe we are just animals that managed to evolve and get to building structures and formalizing societies and systems, while the rest of nature continued on living so. The kinship, the energy, the thinking, the adventurous spirit! A dog, a cat, a bird, or a child; all the same stunts, lies, tricks, and cuteness.

Our innocence and infancy, I feel, nurtures and celebrates this animal side. Hence, even most animals do not usually attack children. Maybe they sense the familiarity. Or maybe they carry some unique scent due to that. But once grown, predators attack at will, as if the leave of innocence and childhood marked a green light.

I never really got to understand what they meant when they said, “You are only as old as you feel”; “don’t. Kill the child in you”, and, “All work and no play”. Until now, I think. All of them are connected and point to ultimately one thing. There is something in childhood that is to be held into for life. Valuable it must be for so many sayings to come out of it. If you feel like a child at heart, I feel forgiveness comes easily. Joy is a constant visitor, and fun is pure and untainted. Love and affection; are a must! Is that not how our dogs act?

Growing up does not mean you stop living and become a responsible robot. You need, once in a while, to let loose your animal nature and howl at the moon without care. If you lose the child in you, the animal within, how then, would you know, the meaning of genuine laughs and happiness?

We are born into the world, animals like all others. Bare and innocent. Our nature is refused. Immediately, we arrive in this world. Clothes, formula, injections, and a lot more, get infused into our natural DNA. 100% animal… to 90 percent human. We still play and laugh yes, but with the education and knowledge added and spiting your true nature, the percentages take a turn again.

We still have a few reminders of that wild freedom and innocence of younger days, but holding onto them begins to be a struggle. As we grow and develop and evolve, evil, pride, competition, and expectations take over. A little success. Or betterment over others, and our full nature is hidden. Replaced by a show of power, control, and, of course, a stand above all else.. There, our demise starts.

We stop following our basic animal instincts, abandoning them for what we call civility…. Which births crime, jealousy, pride, and heightens the search for domination, in the stead of co-existence and acceptance.

Which begs my QUARRIES.

For starters, what gives us the right to claim dominance and intelligence over all other species? What if our civilization and knowledge are frowned upon and spat on, by all other kinds, for denying our true selves, destroying nature, and pure evil? How do we know for sure that we are the superior race? When we cannot even truly comprehend and see the mastery of the animal kingdom, and its ties and sounding similarities to our own?

When we deny our primal instincts and the voice of humanity, for self sought and attained knowledge and objects? How do we know, certainly, that the animals we subjugate follow our command and bow at our voices? What if it was an easy scheme, by animals, planned and executed to perfection over generations, handed down lineages, as we do with our own children, that they become cute and cuddly, man’s best friends, for an easy life? How do we know we are not the slaves in this whole equation? Maybe lions ad tigers refuse to be tamed because they refuse to deny their nature and superiority by natural means, unlike dogs, who ditch their true nature and bow to be patted, so they don’t have to work for their food? Huh? Do we know for sure? We are as stubborn as wild horses, as a people, and we fight not only mother nature, but our nature too, daily, for civility that exhibits destruction and downfall. Where, despite the majority being good-hearted and with an ear to their heart’s whisper of humanity, evil reigns Supreme and deceit cover its trail. We cannot even stand with one another or protect each other, so, any close to what animals show, yet we believe our way is the way.

I truly believe I am a wolf at heart, at times a mother grisly, but at times, I just purr like a cat. Animals of the world unite!


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