Swit Tuesdays

Updated: Mar 28

Guest writer for mynzdreamblog


Funny how we dwell on things,

And co-exist, and even adapt easily.

How we get attached to people,

And even branded, with a peck.

How we get sold,

By shimmer and glitter.

Yet we are not moved,

By begging and destitution.

Neither are we inspired,

By success and excelling.

Nor our hearts tamed,

To forgiveness and understanding.

It's baffling how our children,

Find disrespect a right,

And immorality an obligation.

And our adults bitter,

Out to drag others, into the pit

They too were dragged in.

Even more shocking is how,

Our men use their strength,

To hold our women down,

The muscles have to work.

Yet our ears shut the more,

To the wailing blood

Of the young and blameless.

Yet, superiority and intelligence we claim,

Above all other creations.

Advancements we boast,

To the exclusion of our ways.

ALL I see, are the letters

Of our ignorance shuffling,

And spelling out clearly,

But one single word, to call us by


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