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By Swit La Pound

Seas and oceans are vast and wide

As the skies are unending.

The world is big, as the contents it carries.

And people flock as ants on a hill.

Yet, love seems to play well

The game of hide and seek.

A treasure hunt for all

Bestowed by NATURE herself.

A game of poker-

Where hearts are bet, won & lost, as if merely coins to wager.

Deception is a resident in most,

Infidelity, a justifiable norm,

And lying tongues a show of mastery.

Willingly or not, the game detects the rules, that some bend and break

For their own joy. While others lament and bemoan, the loss suffered.

Winners are rare, but a sight to behold when attained.

A mesmerizing blend of true hearts merging

With plans of good welfare for the other. An act of selflessness while selfish to be loved by only one.,

Hearts that call to each other, across the vastness of everything, to join and create,

A new world of love and exploration - as one.

Despite the odds, yours is one of the few hearts,

That can celebrate this victory

Of reaching the peak of the search, for a love that sincs, blends, accepts, and understands.

A perfect picture

Of merged hearts and souls,

Tied together by a bond stronger than a wedding ring and purer than a wedding dress.

A bond of the very blood

Flowing within you,

And the beat, that your hearts plays along to your footsteps, as you walk down the aisle

To a place yearned, yet unknown and unattainable to many. Togetherness and oneness.

Jubilant we are,

For you and yours,

For the gold, you have found in each other.

For this is a beautiful thing

Bigger than the love we know!

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

Thank you Swit, this brought a smile to my face, absolutely beautiful. My fiance and I have been engaged for over a year, we plan to be married by the end of 2021.



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