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MOTHER OF ALL ART by SWIT LA POUND It's another Tuesday again, another day for our Swit chats. Today, following words by ALTRANON MUZIK in their song BONDS & BINDS - "won't you take a step away from your life, from the busy days, and you step into nature - the difference is overwhelming."

I took a step toward marveling and observing nature around me. One of my places of Zen. And so my heart and mind soared. Once the birds had sung their soothing melodies into the whisper of the wind, and the butterflies had adorned the greenery, creating peace in me. It hit me that all we are, as human beings, especially the art side, is inspired and influenced by nature, though we might, at times, not see the connection. In my marvels, my eyes landed on a spider web, carefully knitted and sprayed out between two very green plants, in a fertile corner of the garden. Wait a minute! I swept the yard about 30minutes ago. This web was not here! Fascinated and buffed, I wondered to myself, "So, this spider, within this short space of time, since I swept, planned, scanned, and spun a web, and was already waiting for prey, hidden somewhere?". The web, almost invisible to the eye, was so perfect...The texture, the placement, the knitting, a mastery! I pictured a spider, the hairy little devils that scare the life out of me, taking its sweet time, planning a hunt, weighing options, and finally weaving this in my garden! This was well thought out and executed. At this point, somehow, my mind then turned to our own living, planning, and hunting in particular. The nets we use are very much like this web here, as if we imitated the spider's craft, then made it our own. But yet, our planning and execution are questionable. We had years to develop them over time, having learned them from our ancestors and forefathers. This spider, though, had no fancy tools, escalators, detectors, and technology as we do, yet it put this majestic piece up within a few minutes! Now that's resolve and goal orientation if you ask me! How does it even manage, small as it is, compared to other creatures, to reach the other end where the web hangs from, while on the one end? Can the web literally shoot that far? Its aim and sight must be immaculate too! How does it even know how far to shoot the web? Is it painful for it to do this? Yet somehow, it is undeterred; it continues being a spider, knowing its goal.. To feed! I kept watching and wondering, now noting the spider's patience and willingness to wait until prey falls into its trap. There's no guarantee that prey will be caught, but there is hope that it might! Positivity all the way, despite possible challenges! So unlike us, our impatience, at times, is questionable, our planning, laughable, and our willingness and resolve to wait for our hard work to finally payout, is literally little to nothing for most. Hence, most opt for the shorter and easy route, which frequently turns and bites us in the face. Why can't we be like a spider? Why can we not have spirits and souls as driven and determined? How did we not learn that taking time in planning ensures effective execution and outstanding results? How did we miss these steps, even a spider knows and practices?

Step 1. Know your goal, strengths, abilities, and resilience. Step 2. Observe your surroundings and master selection, be it with friends, goals, and lifestyle. Step 3. Put a solid plan in place, considering all factors, pros and cons alike.. I assume spiders consider the type of plants, the creatures around, the wind speed and direction, suitable place, direction, and distance.. Etc.. Step 4. Execute your plan, according to your set standards and rules Step 5. Be patient and wait for dreams, goals, and aspirations to fall into place! Step 6: Do things YOUR WAY, that work for YOU! Who thought, with my phobia for spiders, that I would, one day, find inspiration in them! To be continued... Next Tuesday.


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