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Yesterday I was listening to Josephine Wrightson Author’s interview by Beth Wordswell author and Heather Skinner. I was a little late in joining the live, but boy was I glad I made it.

Being a fairly new author, as you could imagine, I am still, to date, learning the ropes, meeting challenges, getting negative responses, not only to my writing but basically to all of Swit La Pound Author. It has been breaking my heart, especially where the negativity pushes beyond mere reviewing, advice, and feedback, and reaches into being an attack on your work and individual, uncalled for. Recently, I met such a reaction, and it brought sadness and foul mood to my life, and encouraged me, through silent mental whispers, that it’s not worth it, going on, that I should just give up and let go. Why did I even write after all? I questioned myself, my writing, my heart, and my intentions and drive. Soul searching where I could have offended or broken anyone, why my work could be regarded as horrendous, cheap, and unprofessional… nothing worth a genuine eye. But for the pitied reads from those who know I am broken, as I was told! Do I even have the gift to write, talent, promise, or just anything in this authoring world at all, did I have anything of value to give through my words, or was I just taking up space REAL AUTHOR’S Were meant to have? Was I just lying to myself while everything shouted of my unbelonging ness here?

Why am I telling you all this? Because yesterday, without knowing and intention, the interview aforementioned spoke to my heart, revived my drive, and let me remember and see that I matter, my writing matters, and that what I have to say is of worth, to some, though definitely not to all! A message and advice applicable and unique to each different author, and each person individually, in their own way.

This journey with these amazing ladies and the authors that attended was quite a huge learning step and I could not let it pass, without trying to get it out there, to reach others. The whole trip made me understand myself as the writer and person I am, my role in the authoring world, the uniqueness I hold, and what I can become…..because I am unique too!

From the mere discussion of the characters in Josephine Wrightson’s BALANCE & RETRIBUTION (Ash especially, my favorite), it turned out, though we all collectively loved the book and the characters, our perception and imagery of the characters varied, though based on the same book. What Josephine herself pictured in her head as she created them varied vastly from what most of us picture when we read. This was not an issue at all, because somehow, we all grasped the heart and concept of the book, very well, despite the varying interpretations. We all thought it was AM AWESOMELY AMAZING BOOK! I learned then that it’s quite alright, to have people not see your work your way, it’s alright for people to perceive your presentations their own way. Some might see the power and influence of your words to carry, but others will not be able to see the gem and sparkle. We are as different as night and day, but yet the same in some ways, so is our thinking, wishes, hearts… thus… our writing too. No need to feel pressured to be like everyone else, or to follow the rules set, when they do not resonate with you and your heart! No need to accept and implement advice that changes your person and intention or kills your spirit. It’s practically impossible to please everyone, in everyday life, as it is impossible to write a piece that is universally accepted and sits well with each individual, basically everyone! There are bound to be those that see things differently; view life from a different vantage point, and; those that think your writing is not up to standard, or worth the spotlight. But that should not break you! Just like we have different tastes in clothing, music, partners, colors, and just about everything, our values, expectations, and those things that intrigue us are as vast and diverse too.

I think this interview is one every author, poet, or anyone should watch and listen to, just to get encouragement and genuine advice meant to grow and nurture you. With particular focus and watering on celebrating and growing your uniqueness. I found my advice, encouragement, and confirmation that I matter. My writing matters too, and that I can make a difference, all from one genuine and honest interview.

Listening to these three ladies just being themselves and having fun with Josephine Wrightson’s Balance and Retribution (my favorite of her works I have read so far) was, fun, full of laughter…..and above all, pregnant with real-life advice….. what I needed all along!

Through the conveyance of mere words, I understood and accepted that as an author, one should know and accept that they are unique in their writing and style, as we are individually so, in real life. Being yourself then is the best thing you could do for yourself and to bring the best of yourself, I figured. Taking cognizance of the fact that you cannot please everyone. No matter how good other think your writing is, no matter how relevant and valuable, no matter what most people see and feel, there will always be some that your book and works will not satisfy. They will find it wanting and, in lack, on certain or all elements important. But I learned, yesterday, that even those negative reviews and at times, outlandish and inconsiderate words, matter in your growth as an author. The trick is on knowing to search the intentions within, read between the lines, and deduce the advice from the mere vile words. To be thankful for each honest opinion despite the take, and to be able to accept the difference in views and opinions. It calls not for rudeness or for words that kill, but, if such words come your way, I learned that taking it and accepting that whoever the sender is, is entitled to their opinion is the way to go. Saying thank you too. “Even bad reviews are good, some people might be pushed to read and check your work, all because of a negative review”, someone said yesterday.

Basically, accept your uniqueness, embrace it, do not try to be like other authors, or anyone else. You are the best version of yourself! Get me clear and make no mistake, you should be open-minded and willing to learn, grow and accept advice, it’s vital for human growth. But do not change and copy them, losing your own uniqueness and identity in the process. Accept all and any feedback, but with a discerning heart that also accepts differences in opinion and takes what builds from it. My words cannot do justice to what my heart and being learned and discovered.

Be- you- unique and yourself! As for me, I love my crazy colors; I love my writing style and how it echoes my very speech; I love creating my own ads and bringing my own art to life in my own way. I totally love using our own original music too, coz it has the exact and perfect words, despite being unknown and unpopular…. That is the best version of me! It’s fine if some think the colors are too bright, the writing style is below standard, and the ads lack creativity and are cheap….. Because some think the colors are vibrant, the writing shows my heart and persona, and that the art is different and uniquely me…… quite the “BALANCE” I would say!

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