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Updated: Mar 24

Guest writer for mynzdreamblog

I love writing about time, people, nature, and life. That is my inspiration. Never-ending, never run out, and never disappoints. Today, since yesternight, my head has been circling on time and changes, specifically, Infrastructural developments that influence daily practices, thoughts, and behavior. Well, this was sparked by a YouTube video I watched, in which the presenter paraded the great pyramids of Giza and the Zimbabwe ruins, vehemently denying that they could have been built by native humans of each respective area.

His refusal to accept this was based on all other infrastructure from that period. Basically, his logic was that they were backward and unintelligent, to possess the knowledge and capability to bring these structures to life. His question particularly sparked this article. "How could they build such majestic structures, then go on continuing to live in mud and stone huts? If they built them, why didn't they just build for everyone and develop their whole societies to that standard?"

Well, here are my two cents for that. I personally find awe in olden times, the discoveries made, and how they have affected our today and tomorrow. In that light, I have always found the pyramids a real wonder, and have had the chance to see the Zimbabwe ruins in person. They are marvelous. No cement, no mortar, and no use of the tech that we have nowadays. The Great Zimbabwe is literally mere stones balanced and artistically placed, without the use of mortar, into tall, towering, and wide-reaching walls.

I do believe natives built these, and they had their own purposes and reasons. But to answer the YouTuber's question, I have written, in some CHAPTERS of RANDOMNESS OVERLOAD, my random piece, about my respect for how people back then gave cognizance to the importance of nature and its survival. Ensuring its thriving without unnecessary human interference. They understood how to integrate without causing destruction and harm. Their lifestyle and practices, if you look with an honest eye, seemed to be in tandem with nature's growth and restoration.

Even these majestic buildings followed nature's lead and contributed almost nothing to the depreciation of the earth.

Stone, mud, and grass return to the earth, as our flesh does when their work and time is done. Where they decompose and merge, with the help of the elements, back into the environment without harm.

I think that was the most genius. Look around us, as ALTRANON MUZIK sang " there're just walls, and cement around us. And they're just bars and fences closing in. Take a step out of your busy life and step into the majesty and peace of nature. The difference is overwhelming'. I have taken the advice of these lyrics many a time, taking time off the internet and venturing into nature. The serenity, the peace, the sounds, just divine!

That is what, according to me, African generations, and others, prior civilization, mastered and understood. Nature compliments and sustains our very survival. From the earth we came, from to the earth, we shall return. Part of earth and nature we are. The way we live, the tools we use, and even the houses we built, determine our tomorrow. Don't you find it funny that despite how backward and uncivilized we might call these generations before us, most of nature's fury is blowing out in our time and generation, not theirs? Yes, they did meet the bared fangs of mother earth's fury, but not the extent and frequency we do now. Don't you think there is a causal link between our behavior and the Volcanos, earthquakes, floods ozone layer perforation-all in this our time, to the extreme?

The time period we are, according to history, most advanced and enlightened, seems to be our most blinded and dark era. We have attempted to play God and dictate how nature behaves, grows, interacts, and exists, when it is supposed to be the other way. Nature leads, we follow!

Erosion, extinction of species, and inhumanity point right at our generations for overturning the way of life that preserved mother earth.

I don't think it was because they were uncivilized for them to choose the type of infrastures they did. I feel it was more of their way of living at peace with nature, making sure even what they took for use, returned to the earth to restore and grow.

Nowadays, our bricks, plastic, mortar, glass, and more, don't even decompose and do nothing but reap from the earth, and sow our own foreign, man-made creations to replace. It will not work. The best way is to have peaceful negotiations with mother earth and return to her, as we take.

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