Spring Is in The Air! By Sheryl Mays

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Every year we have a season called “spring”. The name is so appropriate as it has several colloquialisms such as “spring forward”, “spring into action”, “spring into leadership”, “a spring in our step”, and of course “spring cleaning”, to name a few. Most are related to the energetic and growing nature of springtime.

Spring is the season of activity and growth–as the weather warms up, trees and bushes begin to grow new leaves again and colorful flowers start to bloom. The days get longer; the nights get shorter, and most of us feel happier and more energized.

Thoughts of Spring bring about feelings of youthfulness and energy; it could be someone who is quiet and calm, then suddenly becomes active and starts moving, creativity increases, and something appears suddenly in your thoughts. All the aforementioned bring us to the real meaning of spring, one word…newness.

In most instances, people think of the removal of old things. Things that you haven’t used. Things that serve you no purpose. Now, you have the smell of spring in the air. That smell of freshness. It’s like having an opportunity to rid oneself of the old and bring in the new.

So, if this is the mindset and the meaning of “spring” the questions that follow are, what will you change, what will you continue doing and what will you stop doing? Just as the planting of seeds in the ground, you have an opportunity to plant new seeds of life, seeds of a new business concept, a new hobby, a new way to communicate, a new relationship, a chance to declutter all that is not bearing fruit in your life.

Will you take this opportunity to spring into action? Yes, you will have to make some decisions. A person’s desire to change has to be greater than their desire to stay the same. This is that phenomenal space in our lives where we experience growth.

Growth brings on change, and changes bring on a transformation. Fresh air, a fresh view from a new lens, and opportunities from unforeseen places. And now, you have a spring in your step! YES! You are springing into action. AWESOME! This---is--- FREEDOM! Enjoy your newness, affirm your truth, be unapologetically bold, move confidently beyond your fear, and walk into your impossibilities.

Continue to be full of the joys of spring,

Until the next time, my beautiful, strong, loving, amazing women know that you are worthy.

Sheryl Mays


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