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When I was around ten years old, or so, I had a good friend who was a few years older than I. He lived with his grandmother several houses down the street from where I lived in our restaurant. His father's house backed up to his grandmother's house, but my friend lived with his grandmother. There was a story there, no doubt. We lived on the main road without curbs or sidewalks and it became a muddy Adventureland when it rained. Perhaps that was where this crazy idea first came from. We often found ourselves with time on our hands and vivid imaginations. We had found a large, old, broken-down garage door sitting in the rear of his deep, dark, narrow garage. We dragged it out and decided that it might make a great raft to sail to Catalina Island on. Catalina Island is 26 miles off the coast of California where I lived at the time. We looked it over and decided that it just needed a new paint job. We found some paint in the old garage and gave it a fresh coat of paint. We painted it a pale green. Our choices of paint color were limited by the paint that we could find scrounging around in the garage. The door seemed huge to us at the time. We propped it up on blocks and painted it over a few days. We gave little thought to how we were to get the "raft" to the ocean ten or fifteen miles away. It was our center of interest for several days. Then as with young boys now, our interests were distracted by other sights and sounds around us. My friend's yard had an above-ground concrete fish pond filled with large goldfish. We often watched them and floated leaves on the water for what seemed like hours. Soon we noticed that some of the leaves floated better than others. It must have occurred to us then that our raft and plan had a few "holes" in them. We never sailed to Catalina, but we had a fun few days thinking and preparing for the "Great voyage."

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