Snippets from R.C Hand

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

My older brother was always working at ways of making money, even as a youngster.

My parents weren't rolling in the dough when I was young, and times were perhaps even harder for him before I came along, if possible. Each child in the same family has different parents as the parents mature, learn about raising children, and hopefully have a growing income.

One of the ways my brother made extra money once he bought his new car was to take drunk customers and other strangers to the local bus station. We made the trip often, and it was a good and legal way for my brother to make some money. Obviously, he was way ahead of his time.

However, as we all know, things in life do not always go as smoothly as one might often wish.

One night, we took a rather inebriated young fellow to the bus depot, and he refused to pay once we arrived. The streets around that area ran one way. It was two in the morning and there was no traffic to be seen other than us.

My brother figured out how to make him pay rather easily.

He simply pointed to the arrows up on the street signs pointing out the proper direction of the traffic flow and went in the opposite direction until the man pulled his wallet out of his pants and started begging to pay.

My brother took his time finding a place to safely turn around and took the man's money before we parked. My brother had learned that lesson about driving strangers around in the past. Get the money before you stop the car was his motto.

Having an older brother has its advantages and one must use those lessons learned at his side whenever possible if the situation is not to be wasted.

I'm pretty sure my parents never heard about this adventure of ours.

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