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Updated: Feb 1

Hello friends

I am working on my third and last book in my series "The New Zealand Dream" It will be called "The healing."

I think this book will help so many people in this world full of hurt to be inspired and gain hope. I share in this book how I healed from my abuse, mental health problems, addiction, and my family's healing journey.

Here is one of my favorite things I learned, SELF CARE. How to keep your basket full. Without a full basket of your own, without self-love, you can not truly love and care for others, nor find your soul mate.

Here are some things I do for my self-care. Comment below with what you do.

Spending time in nature

Listen to positive music

Time for you/treat yourself

Spend time with positive people

Spirituality and prayer/meditation

Feed your body and mind healthy

Let me know what you do for self-care in the comments below :

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