Samantha Evans

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

This is how author Samantha wrote and shared her stories

People wonder when it comes to writing a story. How can it be done? Well, when it comes to me personally, I had a dream. A dream about a young man who did not like the way he lived, and he saved a dragon egg. Once the dragon egg hatched led to many things happening in his life. Leading to figuring out that he had to face his destiny to become a king. Developing my very first book, Ella,” I just write ideas down in a notebook. Took me about a month to write it all down. Then, after going through all my notes and keeping what I wanted to be in my story, then I developed my first draft. Being an independent author, I was learning how to publish a book myself. So I had my loving husband be my first editor. Then, after about seven edits, it is almost at eighty reviews on Amazon. Being able to go back over and over and fixing parts to make it be better is amazing. This leads to readers wanting to know more. Wanting to read more of my work.  Since 2019, I have written Ella, Blood Brothers, and The Secret Son. Also wrote a short story/prequel called, Prince No More”. All of them are connected. I have one more book that will be the 4th and final book in my series, The Land of the Four Series” which will be released later this year. What is hard is reading reviews, I have had a few one-star reviews, and no reason was given? But that should not have authors give up on writing. Because some genres are not meant for certain readers. Never give up on your dreams! Being a mother to three children under five writing is hard. But having good time management, I have managed to make it work and love it when I can write. Writing stories is to entertain readers. Making them want to read more of your work. It's amazing, and one day I am going to have it be my number one job!

- Samantha Evans  

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