Rubrica from Italy; Universe vibration by Elisabetta Somaglia

I read online these phrases you can see in the picture below, and I realized it was what I have always sustained.

I’ve always been sure that if you really want to be surrounded by good and positive persons, you have to be good and positive; vice versa if you always think negative, if you are always critical to everyone, if you don’t love, you can’t love without claiming something for you in return, you will always live in a negative environment.

And then, some days ago, I read those words I find wonderful. I’m reading them again as a lesson.

In your life, you attract who you prefer and search. If you search for problems and like talking only about them and malade and accident, you will reach only problems and not beautiful things. Maybe you meet some marvelous things on your way, but you are not ready to catch them, you are not able to love them.

Sometimes you feel it is impossible for you to become happy, to live a lucky life. The sensation that beautiful things could happen only to others ruins your path more and more. Realize that it could just be envy and that envy leads you in an abyss and it could be difficult to turn back. Then overcome it! Feel free to love, to catch good opportunities, and to be surrounded by good persons.

Refuse negative situations and overall refuse negative people who try to involve you in their personal problems and to bring you into their abyss.

And then please let’s vibrate in the FREQUENCY OF LOVE, JOY, AND ABUNDANCE and feel happy and safe!

With love from Italy.

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