Rubrica from Italy: Elizabetta Somaglia

Hey Mum!

I think that the word “mum”, is very similar in all cultures, is the most pronounced in the World.

It sounds about the same way in the whole World -like mum (English), mamma (Italian), maman (French), mamãe (Portuguese), Moeder (Dutch), Mom (German), mami (Albanian), mama (African Swahili) and so on. In every part of the World, I’m sure if you call “mum” a lot of women will turn their heads to look for the child or the guy to reply.

Are we lucky about that? Oh, I’m sure sometimes everyone has thought or said: “Please stop calling me!”. Sometimes we’re tired, we have our job for many hours per day, we have our housework, we have our children or teenagers. We often have no free time, no time for a shower, no time for styling our hair, no time for shopping.

BUT… when you see their smiles and you realize they need you, when you see your feelings in their behaviors, in their actions, then you really feel lucky.

Sometimes even if they make some mistakes, you recognize your same mistakes and you smile about that!

When they are children, they call you for everything: “Mum, I’m thirsty!”, “Mum, I’m hungry!”, “Mum, I miss the poop!”, “Mum, I have to pee!”. Of course where and when you can’t in any way have something to drink or to eat and there is no toilet in almost two kilometers!

Then they grow a little and change their questions: “Mum, can you help me with my homework?”, “Mum, I don’t understand this exercise!”, “Mum, can I invite my classmate?”. And of course, continue with: “Mum, I’m thirsty!”, “Mum, I’m hungry!”, “Mum, I miss the poop!”, “Mum, I have to pee!” in the worst situations you could choose, such as a busy freeway with no emergency lanes or during the funeral of your best friend's grandfather or, of course, when you are on the work phone.

Then they grow again and again and they change another time with their questions: “Mum, can you give me some money?”, “Mum, could my girlfriend sleep here?”, “Mum, can you lend me your car?”. And even more: “Mum, I’m thirsty!”, “Mum, I’m hungry!”. Don’t you imagine they ask you “Mum, I miss the poop!”, “Mum, I have to pee!”? Oh, yes! They do! They still do. And they still do in the worst situation, of course! They always have to pee in a very dirty cafe when you just left your house; they miss the poop when you have just entered the highway, and you know there are no rest stops for at least thirty kilometers.

It would therefore appear that we women, we mothers, are suffocated by our children or teenagers BUT… please think of all the beautiful things they give you, their wholehearted love, even if they don’t show it, even when they don’t want to show it.