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Updated: Mar 24

Animal love by Elisabetta Somaglia

Guest writer for mynzdreamblog

Sometimes they are so little that it’s hard for you to see them. But sometimes you are so little, closed in yourself, and they seem so great, so important to you.

Sometimes they are so silent you forget them. But sometimes you are so silent, shut yourself away, and they sing a sweet song for you.

Sometimes they are so sad you can’t look at them without crying. But sometimes you are so sad and they smile at you and you are born again.

Sometimes they run away because they are afraid and you can’t understand why, but sometimes you run away because you are afraid and they can’t understand why.

Each animal has some sweet eyes you must just look in to discover what love, sincerity, honesty, integrity are.

They hunt to survive, they hunt to defend their puppies; they hunt to defend us.

All animals can love, can play, can smile, can suffer, can be afraid, can talk, can cry, can understand. The problem is that we rarely understand them, not the opposite situation.

If we love them they love us, if we play with them they play with us if we suffer they suffer for us if we are afraid they defend us even if they are afraid too, if we talk with them they reply if we cry they cry with us, if we understand them they understand us. The contrary is not always true.

In nature, I always find a reason even in an unlikely situation, except for humans. The animals sometimes have strange behaviors but there is always a precise reason. Even in their bloodiest moments, they represent innocence, empathy, and sincerity. They are, as they show themself, spontaneous. All that we are not because we are often false, in particular with ourselves, opportunistic, planned but we can improve, we can become better persons, we can learn from nature and from animals more than we think. Then let’s stop and observe, listen, look at, not just a glance, but deep observation, smell, love, know! We think we know everything but we have to learn more and more and knowledge will save the World, love will help us save ourselves.

OK OK, I know praying mantis females eat their husbands, but let’s say sometimes that is necessary, don’t you think. Just for a joke, of course. And OK OK, little dogs are not always so low, since they attack bigger dogs and you risk defending them. And OK OK you’re right, cats sometimes are mischievous. But in the meantime they make us laugh. And OK OK mosquitoes are annoying and we don’t understand the reason for their existence. But perhaps your colleagues think the same about you, or your neighbors maybe: “She’s absolutely useless”, however, everyone is useful and important.

Then LOVE and RESPECT NATURE, LOVE ANIMALS, all of THEM, and YOU will live a better life!

11/07/2021 Elisabetta Somaglia

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