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Envy and jealousy by Elisabetta Somaglia

Guest writer for "mynzdream" blog


We have to admit that we are more envious and jealous than men.

Sometimes we are actually ridiculous when we look at what other women have or do.

But… we must smile at that! We are women and men are men. And we love each other because we are different.

I consider envy when someone looks at something you have and desires it so much and isn’t happy you have it, but, on the contrary, she feels bad for that. Envy is for something material, some concrete things, a house, a car, a dress, a new haircut.

I consider jealousy when someone is always looking for something you have, but something not material: love, happiness, friendship and so on.

Can others see these feelings? Oh yes! Of course!

Because when you get caught up in emotion, others realize whether you show you are happy, satisfied, and peaceful, or you show you are sad, unfulfilled, and upset.

Have you ever seen a “friend”’s face when you tell her you have bought a new house? Few people are really happy for you and the “friend” -you call a friend but isn’t so- becomes a little bit red in the face, with dangling lips as she was passing out, wide-open eyes saying “How did you do? Where did you get the money?”.

And maybe you have been working for years to reach that dream, and you haven’t changed your closet in years, and you have given up traveling while she was at home with a lot of help, and then to the hairdresser, to the beautician, without any sacrifices.

Yes, that’s true. We have to understand we must be happy with what we are and we have and only this way we will be really satisfied. Because in life you can attend even more and more, but it will never be enough if you don’t love yourself and settle for everything you have.

So, smile for others’ achieving their dreams, be happy for others’ falling in love or having a new satisfying job and you will realize you’re becoming happier and happier with yourself!

16/06/2021 Elisabetta Somaglia

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