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March review of the month for "The New Zealand Dream, Growth and destruction." Thank you, Pertrina Hargrave.

This is a deeply honest and powerful book that will stay with you long after you put it down. The author has two magic powers: her ability to take the reader with her into a scene, with imagery so vivid you could have sworn you were there yourself; and her ability to share the sometimes raw and tragic events of her life without ever inciting self-pity.

You’ll meet some colorful characters in this memoir, some of whom you wish Sheila could see through. You’ll accompany her as she moves around rural and provincial New Zealand, navigating marriage, raising children, facing grief, falling down–but always getting up again. Hold on tight–you’re in for a ride that’s not for the faint-hearted!

Sheila is a voice for all young women who are conflicted as to whether to listen to their heart or their head. She illuminates a path for women to follow to find their way out of heartache, violence, and low self-worth, towards a life of hope and strength.

Have you read "My New Zealand Dream?" By Sheila Smith (my pen name).

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