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SO, I have a book called Randomness Overload. And I have been asked why that title. Well, it’s because the world is full of randomness that just overloads my mind and comprehension. It steals my thoughts, intrigue, and curiosity, and sees me blowing wherever the trail of thought leads. Leaving me, most times, in the end, baffled, lost, and confused. Though sometimes, I find clarity and elevation. It’s all just as Random as this world itself. A compilation of these trips and wanders can only make an overload, I think. Hence, Randomness Overload!

Randomness got me again today. I have questions and queries. Help me answer if you can. Most of us are democratic people, governed and ruled by laws FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, right? How can we say our laws are for the people, by the people, when they are designed, inapplicability, to be so applied and available, only to a select few and not for all?

WHAT do I mean? Well, laws are promulgated and enacted, in accordance with set rules and regulations, usually per constitutional provisions. They are publicized, advertised, and even made inclusive in some school curriculums, yes. Even the provisions themselves are worded and drafted, to cover and protect all that is under its jurisdiction, according to its wording. For the people, right?

Not in my view. Take, for instance, African countries, where the majority of the common citizenry is either trying or struggling. Yet, the wording in these very same laws is gibberish and jargon, to the majority. Who needs to sell an arm and a leg, just to get legal guidance, in understanding their basic rights. The availability of recourse, where one has no green to support their rights, is questionable, or, when available, substandard. How then, does such a person stand for his rights fairly against an opponent who can buy the Judge themselves, with a wink and a show of his wallet?

Court proceedings involving those unknowledgeable or financially unstable are quick and sentence easily a deterrent to others. Yet, when those that have faces everyone knows take the stand, years and eons lapse, while all legal terms and cards are pulled out and played. Until we forget that justice needed to be served. The power of paper!

The enforcers are worse, yet they are the arms that reach the community directly. They connive with gang lords and drug Lords, fraudsters, and scammers while dishing out extreme force to those that need the protection of the badge. Law is only so, to its full definition, where a fat wallet can hold up your rights and voice. Otherwise, a shadow of rights is awarded. The majority have no clue what their basic rights are, how to ensure they are respected, and how to get aid when they are breached. How then, is this law and justice for the ‘people’? Isn’t it for certain persons then?

How can we say medicine and doctors are good for us. To watch our bodies and guide us so. But how is health care for the people, when the people barely get it, even in dire times? Sickness is not a choice, we all know. Conditions arise that hinder the flesh from maximum performance, but most are ignored until detrimental, by the normal individual, like you and I. A simple cough will go away, the coin to check will cause more harm to your stability than the illness. Most believe, if you can still walk, it does not need a doctor’s eye. Not by volition or ignorance. But lack, when juxtaposed to cost, demands so. Yet, a scratch and a prick on an esteemed someone call for the world to shake and move. All the resources are readily available and attention is swift. Their organ donation lists get cleared quicker. While those for the rest are always out stocked. “We cannot find a match”. Death, the price for poverty. One night in the ICU, for you and I, means debt for years to come. Our hospitals are always overflowing, understaffed, and have medication always in shortage. Private ones, though, are the exact opposite. To the costs themselves! How is Medicare for the people then? When getting checked costs your life?

Besides, how is it that medical knowledge and our medicines supersede nature and anatomy? Do we really need a jab and a pull for every little thing? I understand the need for some but fail to understand the necessity for all. I have always wondered, how did our forefathers survive for such long years, with such good health? My grandmother just left us last year, at 109. She refused to eat any processed food. She ate minimal meat, did her own gardening, farmed her own food, reared her own livestock, and did most of the jobs herself. She used to treat us with herbs and roots, from traditional knowledge passed down to her. She barely got sick, well, except for when she got old, of course. Yet, throughout our time with her, we got sick, hospitalized and a lot more, while she barely ever had a cough. I have always wondered why? Why was she healthier, sharper, and lived that long, yet we got all the medications and doctors she never had? Could it be, maybe, that some of the stuff we eat and call healthy, or take and declare boosters and treatments, may actually be harmful and affect us adversely? Got a headache, head to the doctor. Stomach bug, you need pills. My hand is itchy, here is a crème. When will we let our bodies experience nature?. The ups and the downs? What are our body soldiers for then? Relaxation and fattening? How is medicine good, if it consists of a lot more foreign substances than can be confirmed safe? It can turn deadly in an instant, or gradually, depending.

On the other hand, somehow, like the law, deep pockets seem to make the difference, even in medicine. How is it that only big companies seem to have the right medicine and know-how to authentically produce and administer approved medicines? Most discoveries from small companies either get absorbed by the bigger ones or get trampled and booted. In that same light, for some reason, the same treatment, or worse, is given to traditional healers and mediums, who, like my grandmother, have the knowledge, according to our culture, of roots, herbs, and healing. They are demonized and questioned, with big verbatim seeking to belittle them. Shunning them for sticking to the backward roots and herbs. Yet I ask myself, where do these prescribed medications come from exactly? Is it not the same roots and herbs? Only, with additions and ‘improvements, through chemical fusions. Most don’t even know, myself included, what’s in most of the medicines we take, or what the inscriptions really mean.

How is this whole system for the people? Which people exactly?

Education is essential and a must-have, right? But who decided which education was more important? Who ruled and dismissed traditional ways and teachings of certain countries, replacing them with ‘universal teachings’? Who declared that, for example, our native idioms, tales, dressing, ceremonies, and art were backward? Did they try to learn what we were being taught about life, creation, death, humanity, elements… existence, through these ways? Only, we did not use the fancy jargon. Instead, we clicked it in our languages, closer to the heart. We got it and it made sense and still does to us. Was it may be, because they failed to understand our ways and those of a lot of other countries and people? Instead of willingness to learn and blend, we were all forced into uniformity. Who decided, really, to teach the same thing, basically, to the whole world, then turn and teach of aspiring higher than the rest, showing your own colors. Quite confusing. Are we to be uniform or are we to be unique?

Where is the uniqueness and acceptance of difference in that? How do we then go and teach pride and individuality in such a world? How is this type and system of education essential, when all it does, is group you without regard to individuality? Who determined which subjects are more valuable, when everything plays its own part, in creating a better whole? Even our drinking tastes are different. How would our minds be the same then, or our thinking? Who lied to our children that education is intellect? How many politicians or businessmen do you know that actually went through the full education system and made it? A few I bet! Don’t get me wrong.. I am not shunning education. It is the systems and determinations around it that I query.

Constructs like how is it that education is a basic right, yet, the same right, seems to take the little the poor have, with exorbitant fees, then fail to give employment or recourse to recoup the loss.. The circle just comes back around. There will be no money to educate further or more. The family will be in debt. Poverty remains stuck, crime is birthed, and, again, we cry. This usually only applies to the poor, of course. The rich have jobs awaiting them, even before they qualify for them. Or businesses to carry over from their parents. There is no particularized attention on assistance with learning, getting a job, or figuring life out. You are all pushed into class. To hell with personal needs. If you fail to make it out, you are doomed. If you do make it out, it is still your headache, getting a job, and fitting into adulthood. How is the system and construct of education FOR THE PEOPLE in this light? Is it betterment for the people, really?

Someone once said…. Only a thief jubilates for your accomplishments! Lawyers wish you would get arrested and face legal woes. Their ticket to a buck. Doctors pray for your ill-health. Consultations and prescriptions make their rent. Accountants hope for financial distress and faulty ledgers. How else would their names go far? Politicians live for your dismay and disgruntlement. What would their speeches and slogans consist of, if things were well? Only a thief is happy when you prosper, but all for the wrong reasons, too. Haha, isn’t life funny?

The more I think of this, the more I question and query. Maybe it’s just my Random head going into overdrive again. Let me leave it here. Until the next randomness trip, this mind takes us on.

This post is not meant to disprove, or suggest anything… these are merely Swit La Pound’s thoughts, shared with the world. If anyone finds any part of this offending or infuriating. My deepest apologies.

LIVE and let live!


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