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This is her article about love and poetry.

On Writing Poetry: The Essence of Love By Eva Marie Cagley

Love is the most common feeling that we write about in poetry and romance books. Love and feelings bring out the butterflies in our stomach, which is the best time to write about those intimate feelings. I have written many beautiful poems and songs about love and the feelings of love. It is a beautiful emotion we all long for. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

I, for one, truly believe this. True love can sustain us through a lifetime, even when our loved one has passed on. Some of us don’t realize it until too late. The rest of us will continue the search along our journey in life.

There are many things we look for in searching for our love of a lifetime. Finding that right person seems to come upon us when we least expect it. Some of us will search a lifetime for them. Love comes upon us in varying ways and forms; it’s something we all feel from the very center of our heart.

Putting Your Feelings into Words.

Poetry is a way of putting emotions into words. I write mostly free verse as it allows me to feel while I am writing without worrying about the form. I write in four-line stanzas. My title to my poem always comes first, and I build on it. It comes from a feeling I have deep within me. My muse comes out and takes over once I have started to write. I become a different person altogether. Sometimes it almost feels like I am channeling someone else’s feelings. That’s why I call it a gift from God.

I really never know what direction my poem is going to go. I just let the emotions flow and hold on for the ride that is like riding a rollercoaster for the first time every time. A door opens into my soul and I show it through my poetry. While writing love poems and prose, I can rekindle feelings that have been long gone or experience new ones. Through imagery, I can paint a picture for the reader to see. Show don’t tell. That’s the way of poetry. However, when telling it is a good idea to make it rhyme.

Now with love poetry, it has its up and downs, just like reading a good romance novel. It is a feeling of euphoria that swoops down upon us and captures our soul within its tender, loving hands. It’s always a warm, cozy feeling when I write about love. I am usually by myself in a quiet place where I can express myself without interruption of the mood that is set. I am in a happy place and don’t want to be interrupted.

There are many types of love and feelings that go with them. I have been both in love with someone and loved someone. To me, there is a difference, but when I feel a connection to both, I know that I have found my true love mate. Which by the way there have been false alarms before. So one can’t always trust their feelings.

We put on airs when we first meet someone and let them see all the good stuff in our closet first, then comes the garbage of a lifetime with it. Love is something that we have to constantly be striving for and put the effort into it to make it a good relationship, no matter what that is. And I have found through those struggles is when I write my best poetry.

I am not one just to sit down and look at a picture of two people holding hands and write a poem, I can however look at two people gazing into each other’s eyes and write a poem. That’s why images are so important to use in poetry. They paint the pictures for us that takes us to the most intimate parts of our being. When I read love poems, I can relate them to my own experiences and feel what the writer was feeling.

So next time you’re feeling those feelings overwhelm you sit down and write. And enjoy the magic that comes along with it.

Here is an example of a love poem I wrote:

My Life Companion, My Lover, My Best Friend

I’ve missed you, my love 'Tis me again your Life Companion- Lover - Best Friend. My soul has been emptied inside The sadness within me could not hide. Alone I sit with this bleeding red heart Feeling a separation within my soul...

Pondering on our love and making it whole 'Tis the fear really that brings me here Of the drifting of souls in time That cries out in the darkness of night A part of me within you always Can you feel me, baby?

I lay at your side and allow my spirit To flow within yours The warmth of joining with such a tender spirit That hides within the mask you wear. I can hear the music dancing upon The waves of air–timeless - invisible

But always present strumming a chord Within me, that beats and chimes a sweet melody, My heart's yearning to join with you once again! The piano she sings all night long With her fluted friends and the The strumming of guitars.

This meshing of souls that set the aura Of our lovemaking and heated breaths Touching ever so softly as the silky Petal of our rose… The crimson passion of delight I carry within me that embraces

The moon with the bathing of serenity And sparkling stars in your eyes. These, my love, is the words I describe To reach out to you with My Pen - My Spirit - My Soul Such magic that swirls around us as a Hola-Hoop Holding our hearts within its center...

Turning as the world to the meshing of souls Now made into one beating heartthrob Colors of lavender - for the heart doesn’t Have to be worn red… The perfumed sweetness of lilacs in first bloom.

The changing of seasons They come, and they go… While the souls continue to flow Circling - Never-Ending…

It's here I find you once again, my love My Life Companion - My Lover - My Best Friend...

© Eva Marie Cagley

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