Painful Hopes; By Snehashree

Updated: Mar 28

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Painful Hopes

Every organism is surrounded by its poles where one functions as the negative and the other as the positive. Being in balance means being inside this universal casket that allows the recharging of our bodies.

There is one negative pole we are here to talk about today, and that is called pain. Our genes are never passed on the pains and each time the same pain, when used in humans from two to three generations, creates three different reactions.

Yes, it is the actions that are passed on to the genes and not our feelings. But I have always wondered why the genetic world kept the pain from being passed through genes if at all our genetic constitution is built to support us or, more importantly, save us?

So, it can tell us to cry when pinched. Why doesn't it tell us what pinches us, or rather what kind of pinches will come up when?

Strangely, how we synthesize pain makes us all different. We are all built within an emotional cocoon and it is just the touch of pain within it that changes us, making us all different and also is determining factor behind what becomes of us, or rather what we become.

Does that mean pain alone can alter our emotional and intellectual space?

The answer is “No.”

It is merely a catalyst and the reaction which happens within us is made up of our constitution.

In short, what we are is what we become when ignited by pain.

The next question that bothers me here is to then find out what is the stark opposite of pain, that can bring us respite from the painful hands of pain.

The answer is not obvious- it is not painlessness and not bliss; it is HOPE.

When we face pain, we migrate to the other pole, called HOPE.

HOPE, is the only element left in Pandora’s box. If we look closely into this story, the box can be the world and that would make HOPE the only bright thing in the box.

We look forward to our lives only to hope for better for ourselves.

But, the sad part of this whole story is, some of us have mutilated that very HOPE in our horrible ways.

How you might ask?

By creating pseudo-hopes, fake hopes, false gimmicks, blinding hopes.

The outcome of false hopes is our society is slowly losing the power to HOPE.

If it continues for several generations, a few generations later, people might altogether eliminate hope from the world and we can only imagine how dark the world might become without hope.

By creating falsifications, we are damaging the balance of nature and the genes will give this power-up in maybe a few generations, if we stop hoping right and if the genetic tree cannot find its usefulness in human living.

Would it then be wrong to say that pseudo-hopes are killing half of the world then?

Yes, it is killing half of the world by creating hopes which in return create false expectations.

But not just false expectations get created, frightening moments get created out of it. Fear or fright is worse than pain.

My observation also says humans are weak in doing this calculation right and right minds or minds that have already eliminated hope might misuse the concoction of pain, pseudo hopes, and fear gruesomely.

So, what if I say if we reduce pseudo hopes from the world, we can reduce half of the world’s pain?

Hope is never blind, and neither asks you to be blind.

It asks you to be calculative and hoping must be done only after you have calculated the scenario well.

So, as I close this discussion, I would like to end it by saying, know the right way to hope and you can liberate yourself from many of your pains.

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