Our little revolution by Elisabetta Somaglia

Updated: Mar 28

Guest writer for mynzdreamblog

I have always loved colors and I still love colors and I wrote a book titled “I love colors” so…

My question is: “Why is there someone who distinguishes people from the color of their skin?”

The issue is larger people distinguish other people from their religion, from the way they dress, the way they cook, and so on.



The essence of a person is inside them, the feelings, joys, fears, emotions.

Do you think in the same situation, an African woman has a different feeling of fear than a European woman? Do you think, if you are born in the same identical place, a white man has a different way of cooking or studying than a black man? Do you think that in the same economic and social situation, a Swedish girl acts differently than a Chinese girl?

I don’t think so! I think everyone has a behavior that depends on several things such as a family’s richness, personal level of study, social situation, parents’ level of study. Everyone changes in different situations. We could have a look at the worst behaviors that many people have during a war. The same man in a rich and equilibrated society has, of course, another way of life.

Yes, there are some exceptions. We can think of some great personalities such as Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. But the masses tend to adapt to the “normal” situation, even if it is worse than ever.

Think about a stupid case: you are having dinner with a new group of colleagues -you have a new job for two weeks- and they start to criticize a woman you know very well. You don’t think those things about her, but are you really sure you will tell others your thoughts? Will you tell them what you really think, perhaps that they are so bad and shallow? It never happens. And now think about you, living under a dictatorship, where you don’t agree with the government but you risk your and your family’s lives if you speak about your ideas. Are you sure will you be the same person as you are now? You are not bad; you are simply human, fragile, with normal fears and feelings.

But you… If you live in a good society, in a situation, with a normal financial status, you, yes YOU, really can change the World. Don’t you believe it? If you read this article and if you share the same positive way of life as me, you can make a difference, you may be the one who makes a good thing in a World with plenty of bad situations and it will be your very little but very, very important revolution for humanity.

Remember that the wave isn’t born so big, but evolves more and more and changes the coasts made of rocks! The same makes the wind, slowly and constantly.

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