On Writing/Poetry-Writers Groups: By Eva Marie Cagley

I can’t say enough about Poetry/Writing Groups. There are literally thousands of them on the internet. And it is a good way to get read. They can be very interactive sites. Some run contests and others give you prompts to write about things like a certain picture. I enjoy writing about life! If we keep going back to the same sites, we pick up followers that enjoy what we write and we enjoy what they write. I’ve been told that love poetry is the most read, but personally, I find diversity very enjoyable. Now there are many forms of poetry but I write free verse, it seems to suit me the best when I write.

The words just seem to cascade out of me like a waterfall.

It’s not a bad idea to pick yourself a homegroup on the internet. You can get to know the other poets/writers more and get your work showcased. My home poetry group is at

The Poets Narrative: https://m.facebook.com/groups/2077008192608940

They offer the opportunity to get your poems narrated. It is an interactive site, and they make you feel at home by encouraging you to get involved.

My writing homegroup is A journey of Transformation https://www.facebook.com/groups/263602651477787/ and

The Inner Circle Writing Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/innercirclewritersgroup/ I have gained more exposure and knowledge from this group than I can say! I am grateful to both these groups for opening doors for me.

Getting together in your hometown with a group of fellow poets/writers is another way to share your work. We have a creative writing group in my hometown that we meet once a week for an hour. During that hour we write a little and share, sometimes we get off-topic. But we are interacting with other poets/writers. We can listen and give advice when wanted. I look forward to my weekly poetry/writing group. We never know how many people will be showing up. Sometimes less is more, as we only have an hour. A local drop-in center provides us the room for an hour free of charge.

It’s a good way to get to know fellow poets/writers in your area and share what you are working on.

It’s for all avenues of writing. Stories, essays, poetry, blogs, etc. There’s nothing like sharing with another writer that has the same passion for writing as you do. I often find when I talk about poetry/writing to my friends they don’t seem to be interested. Well, that’s okay. Not everyone is into poetry/writing and I do have the vast internet and my poetry groups to share with. We have some people come to our group just to listen. They don’t write, but they love to read it or hear it read.

If you don’t have a writing/poetry group in your hometown, why not start one? You could have it at your home to start with. And then look around for a place to meet. I would suggest you do it on a regular basis, so people know when you are having it. I have found it to enhance my writing skills. It is a very enjoyable time with fellow poets and writers.

You can always advertise it in your local newspaper to get the word out there.

Just remember to have fun with your writing. Write and share for the love of it! The more you read and write, the more you will grow. Think about a homegroup on the internet and a poetry/writing group in your hometown. There’s nothing like finding a place where you feel you belong! Happy Penning!

© Eva Marie Cagley

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