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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

What do we do when we have writer's block? You’re In the middle of a poem/story and you just blank out. It appears your muse is in hiding. One thing I do is start reading a lot of poetry to try to stir up my muse again. I find it does help to read other's work to get the juices flowing. No matter what you read. It will stimulate your mind.

Another thing you can do for your poetry/writing is just starting jotting down ideas. Perhaps titles that can be used for your next poem. For new words that you might like to use, make a list. Think of things that interest you and jot them down like the clouds, nature, love, spirituality anything that comes to mind.

Go back and read some of your poems/writings to revisit your creative flow.

One never knows how long writer's block will last, but there are things we can do to get going again. Perhaps even taking a picture and penning about it. Or join a poetry contest where they give you a subject to write on. You can also just freely write about anything that comes to mind like journaling. All these things will help.

Write a poem or article about having writers’ block!

I’ve found this useful in the past as once I get started, I end up with a poem on writing poetry. That seems to get me going. Just keep that pen in hand and write about anything that comes to mind, don’t worry if it is anything you want to share. You're just doing it to help unblock that muse. I never know what I’m going to end up with when I write. And you can always make changes and edit afterward. Just let the words flow the way they want to. You should try to carry out a thought completely though! Don’t put your pen down until you are finished. I find it hard to go back to something I’ve started to write that I did not finish because it takes on a whole different meaning and at times becomes two poems instead of one.

Here are a couple of examples I wrote on Writer's Block:

The pen without ink!

I am the pen without ink. Idle I have been, Alone within the vast Empty pages of my life

Wondering around an endless Map of the Internet Searching for clues The answers to life's questions

What I beg then is right with in this world? Has God forsaken us all then? Children in a world of darkness Suffocating without the light

That allows us to breath. To see outside of our self Into the beauty of the green grass That comes with the spring!

I have been lost Lost within this journey of time Taken to a world I have not known. A place that is so unfamiliar to me.

Where have the smiles all gone? The friendly faces The deep family ties of trust Where is that safety net of security?

I sit here and shake my head At the entire world this day! And I scream within my own mind. IT ISN'T FAIR!

This is my pen without ink! Silent again for so long Crying out to me, Refill my soul let me live again!

Where then has the time gone? Where have you been without me? Betrayed by my own hand. For ignoring the cries I've heard From deep within me Yes, I see you there. That child within The inner voice that has always been my friend And I the one that turned my back

Upon my very own soul! My spirit of survival Pray then that this ink will fill the well. That I shall no longer live in this darkness

Alone here within my psychotic mind This place that I call H**L!

©Eva Marie Ann Cagley


My blank canvas is filled with words and memories Of another one’s world, so I seek to find myself there.

Traveled all night to get to the destination only to find there is No Destination Only the Journey before us all and what we feel and hold deep inside.

Searching for the world of eternity. Riding on the words that breathe life into one’s soul! Listening to Their Voice! Their Music! Searching for the Writer within them.

Going there in our minds and souls to those places’ others have already been in a different time, only the journey traveled is different each time for us

Through our own travels of time to get there.

We live an invisible experience, and we paint the pages that we live on. We choose the colors that are painted there. And the memories we keep with them.

The Music We Hear is Our Own!

We journey along into other souls, and at points in time, we all join. Never knowing when it happens because by then it is already too late!

We have intertwined!

Our Time has passed into each other. And we become like one massive soul Of Poetic Energy, Thought, Expression, and most of all Feelings!

We grow and yearn and strive to be all that we are meant to be Even though we have no idea what that is. We stand ready at our poetic gate.

To enter the souls of each other and the gardens of life within them!

But in the beginning, our mind’s canvas was Blank!

Eva Marie Cagley ©


Where are you muse, you are illusive, How can I write upon this page without you How can I feel what I write and write what I feel? There is no creativity alive within me You must be in your den. I keep trying to conjure you up But I'm about beaten with these words.

That conveys nothing to anyone in this vast space in time. Perhaps you're locked up for your crime of stealing my creativity Kidnapped and held prisoner within my own emotionless sphere Feeling nothing, just being here You are like a child playing hide and seek.

But when I call all in free you run from me Perhaps you're playing teeter-totter with the child within And don't hear me calling out to you Or perhaps you lost your voice and have laryngitis. And can't convey what's on your mind.

Or worse yet you've entered another time Whatever the case may be, please take pity on me I have words to write this day and emotions to convey They're building up inside of me I've called the, all in free!

The rhythm of the pen comes back to me!

© Eva Marie Ann Cagley

As you can tell I did indeed come up with three poems that freed me from my writers’ block. Just remember to pick up that pen and Pen On!

©Eva Marie Cagley

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