On Writing/Poetry: By Eva Marie Ann Cagley

Updated: Mar 17

Guest writer for "mynzdream" blog

I recently came across a woman online that was new to the poetry world and the vast internet it is posted on. She had made the statement to me that she wasn’t particularly good. I told her to just keep writing. I was amazed when two days later she seemed to have bloomed overnight. Just from reading others' poetry and writing! I find it so important to read others' work. I know I have personally learned a lot from just reading. And after all, what is a writer without a reader? I’d like to believe there is a poet/writer in each one of us, a muse just waiting to come out. We, after all, are all inspired by different things in our lives and experiences. Personally, I have found through time my poetry/writing changes and shifts with my moods and my daily impressions of life. I was once told by another poet/writer that if I didn’t have my grammar right, no one would take me as a serious writer. While I have found grammar to be especially important, I also realize the meaning behind the words, and the sounds your poetry/words create is what is important… First and foremost I write for me, then the reader. And it is not my task to interpret the poetry for them they will do that from their own experiences. I have found that poetry/writing has been a window into one’s soul as well as very therapeutic. I can go anywhere I want to in my poetry/writing. And never have to leave my house… It has protected the inner child in me quite often and allowed me to express my innermost feelings. An escape from reality at times. A place to dream and thrive upon words that can dance on the pages through time. I started out at a young age just writing love poems… At some point,

I realized I wanted to write about other life events. I didn’t want to be just stuck in one theme. I became spiritually connected with nature and thus started writing about the love I have for it in a simple experience. I love the diversity in poetry and enjoy writing and reading in all venues of it. For me, poetry/writing is a passion… It is, after all, about life and the way we live in it. When I write, I must feel what I am writing. It comes from deep within my soul and I never know what I’m going to end up with. It amazes me today to pick up a poem/article I’ve written that I haven’t read in a while, and I think to myself, I wrote that? It’s like an inner self inside of me, crying at times to get out. And I find that I dare not put down my pen until I am done lest the moment pass me by, and it becomes something totally different. I find when that happens; I end up with two poems/articles instead of one! The most important thing is to believe in yourself and have fun with your poetry/writing. Use it as a tool for therapy when you need to laugh, when you are blue, a love letter when you’re in love, or just to capture a moment in time like on a DVD. To me, all poetry/writing has its own beauty held within it. All you need to do is pick up your paper and pen! Often, I will write my poems/articles from a title I have in my head and that is also what I usually give closure to. That is just my style though amongst many. I love the desires a poem/article can stir up in you when you pen and read… The memories that come to mind are the things we can all relate to. The bottom line is I just love poetry/writing with a passion! My advice to my fellow poets out there is to keep on reading and writing… Pen on!

© Eva Marie Cagley


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