On Writing: Dealing with the Emotion of Hopelessness; By Eva Marie Cagley.

Updated: Mar 28

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Have you ever felt like giving up, like life is really getting you down? Are you feeling so emotionally distraught that you just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? I sure have - many times - and these are the times I find solace in my pen. I don’t feel so alone when I write. Being on the internet and sharing with my fellow poets is often my only relief. They may be feeling hopeless, or they may be the ray of light on my darkest day.

Actually, the feeling scares me to death. I had a family member commit suicide; an ultimately hopeless, final act. I don’t ever want to stand on the edge of that cliff. Those are the low points in my life when I write the most. I came to realize I was able to come out of the darkness by writing my feelings down. I can let my feelings out while writing about them, and when I am through, I feel a sense of relief. It is a healthy way to express those emotions that want to take control over me.

We can be harder on ourselves than others can be. We tend to set expectations for ourselves that are out of our reach or out of our control. It’s only natural for us to want to be in control. As a survivor, I constantly want to be in control because at one time in my life I had none. On the flip side, you don’t want to set your expectations too low either, because that can also lead one to feel hopeless. We need to set realistic expectations daily and not get too far ahead of ourselves. Live in the moment, one day at a time. That’s not to say we shouldn’t have dreams or goals. It simply means accepting today for what it is and knowing that tomorrow will be a new start.

I’ve said before in a previous blog that poetry is therapy. As poets and writers, we all have extrasensory perception, which means we sense a lot more than the average person. We can see both the beauty and the beast in the world and we write about it.

We are often the ones to carry the torch; a voice for others, the rainbow colors splattered upon the vast canvas of the internet. Poets have a mission of spreading the joy of love and light. I experience just about every emotion there is in a twenty-four-hour period. When I write, I am afraid the emotions will escape me, so I keep my pen to paper and allow myself to feel what I am writing, cry if I need to, and come out through the other side smiling.

We are all on a journey in this life and connected as poets. We take a stand the best way we know how, and we have learned to express our feelings with words. Images help us show how we are feeling to the reader. They set the mood and paint the picture we are experiencing. Just remember, when you are feeling hopeless, get those feelings out. Then take yourself to a happy place in your heart, or picture yourself sitting staring off into the starry night, winking at the moon and write about it with that same passion.


These feelings are like wounds cut deep within my skin

Bleeding and healing over again.

They are like the rainbow colors after the storm

Glowing warmth of sunshine when I am forlorn!

They are like a roller coaster going up and down,

A Ferris wheel that cannot reach the ground.

They are like the air that we breathe.

Invisible and untouchable to an extent…

They are like yarn all tangled up and worn; a child climbing a tree,

Or a baby kitten looking for its mommy.

They are how we think and more what we perceive

A part of you and a part of me.

They are what I clothe to disguise them from you,

so, you will not know whether I am happy or blue.

They are external, surely not inside of me.

I can just pretend it is all in a movie.

Just play the act upon the stage, never knowing the end.

Oh, but here come those feelings seeping in!

©Eva Marie Cagley

Pen On!

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