MY UTOPIA By Eva Marie Cagley.

Updated: Mar 17

Guest writer for "The NZDream" blog

Assuming we could achieve the perfect world. Born into a society of the new age.

Where there is no crime, injustice, wars. Only beauty that abounds within everyone’s mind.

We as humans are imperfect, yet living in a perfect world. There is a perfection about the world with government and social conditions. Everyone engaged in loving one another.

We are created equal and worthy of love, dignity, respect, and security…

Eutopia is achieved with our interactions with others. It is freedom of thought and free from the government to think good thoughts. We all live in a wonderland, a Heaven, per se. There is no Hell.

Jobs are handed out like lollipops. Unemployment non-existent. All humans have free health care of equal measure. There is no disease. We are immune. Everyone loves their neighbor like family.

Building bonds of friendship from land to land. No walls to keep others out. We all live with freedom throughout. Everyone is happy not knowing sadness. All memories are good ones. Money doesn’t exist,

Tickets are given out for work hrs. To be spent on food, shelter, and recreation.

Multi-racial marriages and families have become more diverse in the world. No white supremacist, sexism, or racism…

Everyone reaches out to help each other like a sister a brother. Children are happy sharing and learning together. Technology growing birthing more machines that take over the laborious tasks. Such as road construction.

The mind is a beautiful thing to be treated like a garden forever blooming, the grass a lush green always smelling fresh as hay…

No longer looking greener on the other side. Automobiles run on solar energy. No pollution. Families bonding living together under one roof. Passing knowledge on to each other.

Differences only exist in one’s mind. Awareness of that fact keeps everyone on track. A land we are free to dream and explore. No mental illness, no homeless, no chauvinist. Streams lakes and oceans are all clear shimmering in the sunlight.

Meditation is played on a subliminal level to promote happiness. Peace and tranquility. Everyone keeps their own individual personalities. Some with wisdom, humor, nurturing, forgiving, and animal lovers.

There are no real threats in the world to man or beast.

Death has been defeated, and life is for eternity!

Flying is possible now with just flapping your arms as wings. Objects moved with mere thoughts and the slightest touch. Telepathy is a common happenstance. Everyone has

extrasensory perceptions and learn to use their skills wisely.

Yes, in the futurist ideal society we all live in a state of Utopia which, after all, is simply a beautiful state of mind…

© Eva Marie Ann Cagley

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